White Star Liner by Public Service Broadcasting

40,000 copies sold of their last album.... selling out the Albert Hall? Well our favourite 'putting-bits-of-old-commentary-over-second-rate-post-rock' lot are back with a 4 track EP which you could have got for free by taping off 6 Music when it was broadcast. This time they have turned their attention to that time the Titanic went down. Whatever half remembered nostalgic subject will they latch onto next?  

Staff note from Robin:
Very relieved we have Public Service Broadcasting to teach us about Titanic. 

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White Star Liner by Public Service Broadcasting
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5/10 Clinton 23 October 2018

So far Public Service Broadcasting have educated us about the war, space, Wales and now we are learning all about the Titanic. Thank God they exist because how else would we find out about this stuff? 

You have to hand it to them though because second rate post rock like this was dying a death before they decided to slather bits of dialogue over the top. The opener here has a hoary old Irishmen going on about the ship ("it's really long" apparently) whilst the band play a horn led slab of nothingness over the top. So that's the bit about building the ship done. Onto the start of the journey with the title track which is a perky piece of forgettability with some newsroom footage describing the beginning of the journey ("it's more like a hotel than a ship"). As the tension builds on 'CQD' you wonder what could happen next. The band perform an intense slowly building piece of 2003 era post rock and for once there's no dialogue. Instead you are left to imagine what is happening....if you struggle here please refer to the 1997 film 'Titanic' for details. 

And at the end comes 'The Deep' - a slab of haunted ambience presumably made to decree [spoiler alert] the aftermath of the ship sinking. For a minute you might be moved but in them comes a squeaky voice stating the bleeding obvious. The whole project is literally the most pointless thing that has ever happened but it doesn't matter because their appeal is seemingly endless. That you could read wikipedia entries for historical events whilst listening to the 65daysofstatic outtakes collection and get the same effect doesn't seem to have made any difference to their continued success. 



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