Wasteland by Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats return with their most powerful album to date. The band recorded at Sunset Studios in LA and have come up with a raw an exuberant sound that promises to blow away most of the psych rock rabble that follow in their wake. A mixture of psych rock anthems and darker more politically aware material that could well be their biggest statement to date.   

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Black vinyl LP on Rise Above. Edition of 2000 copies in textured sleeve.

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CD on Rise Above.

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Fluorescent orange vinyl LP on Rise Above. Edition of 2000 copies in textured sleeve.

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Vanilla coloured vinyl LP on Rise Above. Edition of 2000 copies in textured sleeve.

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Wasteland by Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
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9/10 Greg 14th January 2019

Since the dawn of the 2010s, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats have charted a course that runs directly back to a time when psychedelia was dark, the amps got louder, and the riffs got heavier. Each album they’ve released has displayed more of a progression than the one before it, and 'Wasteland' is no different. It has the usual Uncle Acid ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ aesthetic: lo-fi production, creepy atmospheres, vintage-style traditional heavy riffing, and not forgetting the dark subject matter. This time it focuses on technology, and the negative impacts that it can have on one’s life. “I See Through You”, opens with ominous synth notes and a public address announcement, and it immediately places the audience in the dystopian setting of the album, before giving way to probably Uncle Acid’s best opening riff to an album, and is driven by a catchy melody and Kevin Starrs’ otherworldly vocals. “Shockwave City” stays in vein with a similar feel and tempo, with heavy riff strongly reminiscent of 70s hard rock with a wonderful thumping driving beat. They slow things down with “No Return”, which is probably one of their most sinister and marauding songs to date, with bottom-heavy Sabbath riffs building up layers of dread as it progresses before dropping into atmospheria. Tracks like “Blood Runner” and ‘’Stranger Tonight’ pays homage to the NWOBHM sound of the late 70s, with fast tempos and dual guitars sounding more like early Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. The title track changes course, an uncharacteristically acoustic ballad drenched in Mellotron that adds gravitas to the band’s musical dexterity. Its calming nature slowly starts to build by the midway point, eventually shifting into solo-heavy distortion and vocal wails. The album winds down in fine style with “Bedouin”, an epic stoner rock anthem highlighted by bass-heavy grooves, a strutting chorus and organ-led verses, followed by “Exodus”, an ethereal rocker with wailing solos painting the album’s climax until the music darkens, giving way to a low howling wind.’Wasteland’ proves that Uncle Acid can find new ways to progress everything they do without sacrificing their greatest strength: Their instantly recognisable sound. They may not have changed much between albums, but so far, they haven’t needed to, and they still don’t need to.

10/10 Vera 19th October 2018

Being my favourite current band, I was very excited about this upcoming delivery and you guys didn't disappoint. In the past, I've had brand new orders come from other places with maybe a ding on the corner or some slight spine crush, taking the gloss off a new purchase, but this was absolutely pristine mainly because the packaging was second to none! I will definitely be ordering new releases from you again. Thank you.

10/10 Emmanouil Customer rating (no review), 7th November 2018
10/10 Adam Customer rating (no review), 22nd October 2018
9/10 Denise Customer rating (no review), 18th October 2018



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