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Extremely calm mood music from Heavenly Music Corporation. On In a Garden of Eden, a five track EP released by Astral Industries, HMCorp play the softest of synths over the gentlest of field recordings. The sonic equivalent of being slowly rocked to sleep by a benevolent cosmic being. It takes a real artisan to make music this chill.

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LP on Astral Industries.

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In a Garden of Eden by Heavenly Music Corporation
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8/10 Ant Staff review, 20 September 2018

The superbly curated Astral Industries label follow their reissue of the Heavenly Music Corporation ‘Lunar Phase’ album with an earlier work from this alias of Kim Cascone.

‘In a Garden of Eden’ was originally a 1993 CD only release on the Silent label and actually Cascone’s first album as Heavenly Music Corporation. An appropriate moniker if ever there was one, and of course on loan from Fripp & Eno classic (No Pussyfooting).

Call me a weirdo, but I have to say I’m not usually a fan of reissues that don’t use the original artwork, but the original CD artwork, shall we say, was certainly nothing to write home about. Astral Industries have beautifully presented this new vinyl edition in their very recognisable house style - thanks to original artwork by Theo Ellsworth. It’s worth noting here that this 180g vinyl edition (remastered by Noel Summerville) has omitted a couple of tracks - specifically; ‘The Quiet Mind' and 'Beautiful Dream'.

So not the original artwork and a couple of tracks missing - this is what I would normally consider sacrilege, but the label clearly knows what they’re doing. This reissue doesn’t suffer for these amendments in the slightest - I think it’s been very carefully considered and refreshed -- given a proper reboot for a 2018 audience and beyond. The whole thing just fits in perfectly with the labels aesthetic - this isn’t Eno’s notion of ambient music as aural wallpaper - although for sure you could ingest it delicately in the background. What Astral Industries seem to be doing is presenting ambient music that’s genuinely transportive - a journey if you will - as clichéd as that might sound, but who gives a shit? I for one love for sound to just take me away. This music was created for precisely that purpose - the clue is in the title.

The album was originally conceived for the Space Age Lounge, a “technomystical” chillout room in Goa. You can imagine the places that the inhabitants of that space were taken to. This often overlooked little gem traverses trace elements of Fourth World/ethno-ambient/new age and has a very sensual quality. It’s trippy, psychedelic, occasionally pastoral and has a few very slight “techno” moments with delicate beats and subtly acidic sounds. Basically, you get to hang out in the pure tranquillity of the garden of Eden with the sounds of colourful creatures and gently trickling and bubbling streams - and there’s not an evil serpent lurking in sight tempting us to bite that naughty apple. Also worth mentioning is Steve Roach’s appearance on didgeridoo on the title cut, and also Don Falcone’s synth contributions on the first couple of tracks. If you're nostalgic for post-party comedown classics ala KLF’s ‘Chill Out’ et al. then this will quite comfortably fill that void. Or if you were one to spend time in back rooms zoning out to DJ’s like Mixmaster Morris then you can now relive that vibe in the leisure of your own home. It's certainly an album of its time but has by no means aged badly, and of course, if you’re an ambient vinyl DJ, then this one is pretty indispensable if you wanna blend some oldskool in the mix.



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