Not again! Rocket Recordings left the sty gate open and now as many as seven Pigses are off trotting about the place. Aye, that’s seven pigs, a theme of the seven deadly sins, six riffing, Nu Manchu bangers and one city, Newcastle, where this style is currently enjoying quite a revival. Trivia: the album was mostly written in a barn in Italy, close to actual pigs.

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King of Cowards by Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
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7/10 Robin 26 September 2018

The band that’s effectively Babe watched seven times in a row by a psychedelically tired parent who can now see through time, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs are still slinging mud and rocking hard on this, their second record. ‘How very Rocket’, I sneer like a movie villain as I listen to their guitar-rotting stoner chug. If I have to give you one good reason for listening to ‘King of Cowards’, its to hear this band marry the whole goofy stoner riff thing to a production style that’s blown into all the weirdest proportions, sounding just that little bit more peculiar than all their peers.

On these songs the Pig crew sound like a less tangible Melvins, the riffs coming at a steadier pace as the songs get further and further away from us. “Shockmaster” buries the vocal in ethereal rubble, as if its cruising between comets, occasionally echoing off into non-existence. Matt Baty’s voice is gravelly as heck, so hearing him at such a distance is all things strange and wonderful, the band’s earthy rock band crunch doing the total opposite and narrowing the space between our ears and the jam.

Again one has to wonder if anyone actually gets stoned to stoner rock now, ‘cos podcasts exist, but this is a brilliant addition to your playlist if you do: it’s got the brothiness of all the bands that wanted to grunge up Sabbath alongside a bunch of fun, intriguing production decisions that keep me scratching the head -- as I’m banging it.

7/10 Crustypunk 22nd August 2018

To put it in as few words as possible this is proper space rock harking back to early hawkwind. There (as far as I know) is no point when 'unnecessary 'keyboards are employed;again we all love a bit of early synth action (I didn't get that far)any record that calls itself pigs that many times deserves to be blasted from your stereo as you roll a fat one.maybe it will just piss the 'pigs' off enough so they burn some donut calories coming up your stairs to turn it off.22 words.I thought that was a snappy end.oh well timing /word counts were never my strong point .good heads,the white hills,hills and the mighty hawkwind!

9/10 deathrider7 Customer rating (no review), 1st May 2020
9/10 Andrew Customer rating (no review), 30th April 2020



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