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Hope is something we could do with in 2018. Axel Willner AKA The Field had been toying with various new ideas for his sixth full length album before realising perhaps that we could do with an album that is warm and comforting. Therefore 'Infinite Moment' is hued with a rich gauze of straight to the heart electronics to soothe your mind in troubled times.  

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Infinite Moment by The Field
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8/10 Clinton 26 September 2018

Dear readers, I'm desperate. Desperate for some music to mean something. At least the Field is trying to soothe our senses a bit. We could all do with a bit of escapism right? 

It's a pleasant burst of synthetic techno with some transcendent moments which rise above the standard four/four clunk fayre of the myriad of other dubbified movers and shakers. One of these is the twelve minute 'Hear Your Voice' which has a strangely off kilter beat over which whispy synth chords are added. There's a fascinating little melody working somewhere beneath, the sort of thing hidden in Seefeel or My Bloody Valentine records. The culmination of all these factors help a sort of instrumental dream-pop to form. On this and Something Left Something Right Something Wrong the effect is akin to listening to dub techno through a prism of the Cocteau Twins. 

Darker territories are explored on Who Goes There  - a quite gorgeous piece of music where two distinct synth tones are played back and forward  - they wobble as if on a train to somewhere unknown, the percussion the rattle of the tracks.  The title track uses a very similar effect, hinting at the same kind of neo classical synth glory as OMD did on The Romance of the Telescope.

I enjoyed this very much. Axel Willner's music may lack the consistency and sonic scope of someone like Deepchord but he makes up for it with a varied sound palette and the sort of evocative electronica that takes you somewhere distant, away from the troubles of the world.

9/10 Joe Hill 7th February 2019

At this stage, being a fan of The Field is a bit like being a fan of James Bond. Every new release is only a slight variation on the same thing (admit it), but some of them are just very noticeably better than the others. Infinite Moment has a very real claim to be Axel Willner’s best work. He’s changed his formula juuuuuust enough for it to sound like a gigantic breath of fresh air - it’s his Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. Nonetheless, whether it’s from album to album, or within the songs themselves, very few artists can make so much repetition this absorbing. The title is dead-on. Only one of the six tracks falls short of the 10-minute mark, and each of them are as stimulating as they are meditative. If he’s not making 20-minute side-long epics by 2022 I owe you all a drink. That being said, once you lock yourself into its seductive and odd dots and loops, Infinite Moment is remarkably easy to enjoy. Like Daft Punk’s Homework or Basinski’s Disintegration Loops, every microsecond of The Field at his best is so rich that the loop could go on for bloody ages. Infinite Moment does indeed go on for bloody ages. Thank goodness.



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