Through Broken Summer by epic45

It's only a new record from Epic45, my favourite Staffordshire-based post-indie rock band. I can only imagine how beautiful Through Broken Summer will be if their other albums are to go by. You can already hear the calming, yet oddly satisfying sound permeating through your brain, melting your very core. Available on vinyl LP and CD and released on Wayside & Woodland Recordings. 

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Through Broken Summer by epic45
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8/10 Jamie 28 September 2018

Oh, this is classic epic45. Just like previous transmissions from planet epic45, this is a sound-world all on its own; by which I mean a world quite distinct from -- and extant on a plane parallel to -- the one we bumble about on as mere mortals. Trying to navigate this Post-Truth world is tricky enough. So here: have some pastoral sounds to make your existence a little more pleasant. That’s just it: Benjamin Holton and Rob Glover have made a new album of pleasant sounds for a Post-Rock world, making the illogical more logical and the air around us several shades more sepia-tinged.

‘Through Broken Summer’ carries on the epicLads’ fine tradition of applying the most pleasing effects to their hazy folk-pop-tronica, just like selecting the appropriate filter for your Instagram posts or on your photo editing app of choice. Thus continues a seam which ran richly -- and with particularly evocative effect -- through Holton’s previous record as My Autumn Empire, “Oh, Leaking Universe”: also on Wayside & Woodland Recordings and incidentally still available to buy from our sumptuous site, check it out at your leisure, please do. It’s a sound which still haunts, the soft gauzy textures combining with keen melodic sensibilities to recall the other titans of the genre: can I just mention Hood (R.I.P.) and The Declining Winter here? (I would’ve struggled not to, and at the risk of playing devil’s advocate there are some strong overlaps in sound and style).

This Autumn, why not give My Declining Empire a whirl? It’ll all be over before you know it. Some songs also sound like Mogwai. At their most kindly and gentle, with the angst airbrushed away to leave just a faint glimmer of a halo. But those guys mostly enjoy making film scores these days. The big boys. Maybe there’ll be an epicFilm in the works, soon? I’d watch that. In the meantime, this album will do just fine. A solid performance and an '8 out of 10' any day of the year, nice work everyone.

9/10 Peter 18th October 2018

It's been a long time coming, and is most definitely worth the wait. A sublime soundtrack to the perfect walk along country lanes, mixing pastoral flow with the occasional left turn into electronica and disturbia.

Mind you, I love Epic45 with a passion, so I was more concerned that they wouldn't live up to past glories. No worries at all; it's as good as their previous best.

I got the two-disc vinyl version, which comes with some beautiful photography by Ben and Rob - lots of countryside and abstract interiors, with a final shot of a tree and a 'CCTV in operation' sign; a perfect summation of the musical journeys within.

Now if someone could just make a follow up of Everybody's Gone To The Rapture and get Epic45 to soundtrack it, life would be perfect...



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