Ashes by Domiziano Maselli

One of the most compelling things music can do is tell a story, and it's a story you'll find among Domiziano Maselli's Ashes. Noise and static gives way to throbbing bass which is joined by momentous drums. It's difficult not to imagine a journey when listening to this. And like any good journey, the joy at its end is overwhelming.

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  • Ashes by Domiziano Maselli


Ashes by Domiziano Maselli
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9/10 Ant 24 July 2018

It’s not all handshakes and pats on the back here at Norman Records. This is actually a sometimes hostile and potentially life-threatening working environment - the type of place you could get suplexed for as much as implying that Pavement were better than Pixies, or chinned and elbow dropped for suggesting ‘Music Has the Right to Children’ is better than ‘Ambient Works Vol. I’. But this album has united us in its magnificence. I hereby address my colleagues…. Should anyone here present know of any reason that this isn't a fucking astounding album, speak now or forever hold your peace… Pure Silence.

The overwhelming feeling I get from ‘Ashes’ is something like the aftermath of a cataclysm that has annihilated humanity’s failed systems. Creating a blank canvas from which new beauty can emerge and blossom. It feels like a celebration of the potential of destruction. There’s a real heavy emotional weight to this album - it’s darkly cinematic, almost gothic at times with traces of haunting piano, scuzzy black ambient textures, angelic choral vocals and harrowing strings seamlessly integrating with the electronics. The string work is absolutely stunning - forget all that pompous, overly sentimental cookie cutter classical infused ambient gear that’s about -- most of which is like Kryptonite to me. This is on a whole other level entirely. Get inside this music and let it get inside you and trust your Uncle Anthony, this will transport you to the divine realm. If you don’t weep yourself into a shrivelled state of dehydration listening to ‘The Fall and the Rise’ then some evil dark force must have harvested your soul. Gorgeousness and gorgeousity made sound.


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