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Rod Modell is back in his long-running Deepchord guise with a long-awaited solo LP on Astral Industries. 'Immersions' comprises two beautiful, expansive long-form pieces, each adorning a side of the record. It's that wonderfully emotional, elegiac sound we're accustomed to: sparkling and elegant techno textures which wind and wend their way through deep caverns of dub. Submerged sounds that happily bubble to the surface. Also, just look at that sleeve art; another classic from the house of Astral Industries.

Vinyl 12" £17.49 AI-10

Repress 12" on Astral Industries.

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Immersions by Deepchord
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9/10 Ant 18 July 2018

Just over 35 minutes of pure starlit, aquatic bliss on this pair of sublime ‘Immersions’ from Rod Modell operating in his cherished Deepchord mode. The way this pair of dubby ambient techno gems both build and so elegantly unfurl across each entire respective side of wax is an absolute joy. The glittering ‘Immersion I’ flutters as though we’re cautiously wading into a radiant pool until we’re fully immersed. Then the beats blur into the effervescent fizz and it just glows magnificently. The whole thing comes off like we’re stoned immaculate, floating around some futuristic Atlantis like lost city on some distant planet. It’s actually a fairly uptempo track but the beats are kinda submerged and so things have a momentum yet retain a practically sedating atmosphere. Loops spill and bleed into one another as they shimmer and dissolve into seemingly infinite permutations - this is Modell in fine form.

A quick rise to the surface and a flip of the record and we’re into ‘Immersion II’ which is like being on some mystery planet with a chorus of luminous cicadas chirping away as waves from an ocean of mercury gently break on the shore. As the structure of the beats fully forms, that’s fucking it for me… I’m like a helium balloon a child accidentally let go of - gravity has ceased to exist and I’m ascending into the stratosphere - you’ll never see me again.... So long suckaz! Tell my wife and kids I love them and I’ll try texting if I can get a bastard signal on Mars. This record is thee very definition of tranquil - as serene as a guzzling a full pint of liquid valium (don't try this at home). 


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