And Nothing Hurt by Spiritualized

The new Spiritualized album really is just the work of one man, Jason Pierce, who wrote and recorded the album on a laptop in a small room in his east London home. Yet Pierce is so meticulous that he found a way of making the record sound like a studio session, and only things bigger than he could get up his stairwell were recorded in a studio. So, it's going to be interesting to hear how a band with such grandiose ideas as Spiritualized sound with such severe constraints on the recording process.  

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And Nothing Hurt by Spiritualized
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7/10 Clinton 04 September 2018

It just doesn't add up. Jason Pierce reckons he didn't have enough cash to record this in a proper studio and so was reduced to recording it at home on a laptop. Yet look at how many people played on the thing.... I'm counting about 50. They could have all gone round to his house I suppose but still they won't have done it for free.. For example: two separate people recorded saxophones? That's not cheap is it? And he's hired yet another space suit for the cover. 

Anyway it's a cosy thought that Pierce recorded all this on his sofa. He's certainly got a pretty lush sound out of that laptop. Opener 'A Perfect Miracle' is a Disney-fied piece of pop fluff that Mercury Rev may have discarded for being just too fluffy but Pierce's scratchy voice is kind of homely and loving and you can't deny that it has a catchy chorus. Less good is 'I'm Your Man' which is littered with a hundred horns and a squiggly guitar solo that is best avoided. It's strange to think that Pierce spent the first part of his career playing as few notes as possible and now he has millions of them. 

It's definitely the cheesiest album you'll hear all year. Not sure what is happening with the parentheses on 'Here it Comes (the Road) Let's Go' but it's not a bad impression of Lou Reed on an excitable day. Like a lot of the album it's both funny and strangely touching. The whole thing is incredibly Christmassy  - all sweet sentiments, sweeping strings and as many kettle drums as you'll ever need. 

Musically none more parpy,  I'm intrigued by the lyrics on Let's Dance "There's better things y'know a lonely rock and roller can do, If they've got Big Star on the Radio they'll let us stay, oh September Girl, Come and rule my world, c'mon Baby let's dance, c'mon darling let's dance". Despite that it's actually one of the better tracks with a lovely swirling crescendo that makes you want to grab a near and dearest on Christmas Eve and tell them you don't completely hate them after all. 

It's strange music; sometimes awful, sometimes touching. 2018's schmaltziest album for definite. But it's quite sweet at times and presumably won't hurt a flea.    

3/10 kiefspoon 20th September 2018

This is highly overrated. I think the 'recorded-on-a-laptop/learnt how to use pro-tools' publicity thing was just a way to maximise the profits for him - I don't buy it, even though, sadly, I did.

Anyway, best to just stick with "Ladies And Gentlemen... ", or even better, the first Spacemen 3 LP "The Sound of Confusion" - that is awesome.

This is just dull, drab, rammed with uninteresting instrumentation, uninspiring lyrics, and, I think, some of the most uninvolving singing I have ever heard.

As you can tell, I was VERY disappointed. There's nothing to explore here, and it doesn't get any better with successive listens. It's the last record I buy by him.

10/10 John reilly Customer rating (no review), 20th September 2018
8/10 Denis Customer rating (no review), 20th September 2018



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