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More generative wild behaviour from the NYZ project, in which Dave Burraston builds up the systems and then lets them run wild all by themselves. CSR SHAPERZ has nine shorter tracks (some very short) and two hefty epics, and listening to the whole lot makes you feel like part of a tangled network of circuits yourself. CD on Ge-stell.

CD £12.49 Ge-stell 08

CD on Ge-stell, housed in a 300 gsm cardboard wallet with gloss varnish finish. Design by Joe Gilmore. Mastered by Denis Blackham.

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9/10 Ant 21 June 2018

More unique man/machine mayhem from NYZ aka David Burraston, whose release schedule is admirably relentless at the moment. At the current rate he’ll be catching up with old Merzbow before we know it -- ‘CSR SHAPERZ’ is his eleventh release under this particular alias alone, and there’s also a NYZ tape imminent on Conditional. The CD comes beautifully presented in a 300gsm gloss varnish finish cardboard wallet, featuring design by Joe Gilmore. It sounds top notch too, with an expert mastering job by Denis Blackham.

It’s interesting that this particular release doesn’t have any accompanying text relating to the technical/creative process. So there are no real preconceptions except for the cover graphic which looks like the page from a mind-boggling mathematics textbook. So it’s not entirely ambiguous, but I’m far too stupid to understand what any of it means, and so I’m left purely with what comes at me outta the speakers. So if you’re interested in how this music was made then I’m of no help whatsoever other than I can tell you that a human and synthesizers/computer are involved. However, it’s quite possible Noyzey may well reveal all at some point in one of his ever-fascinating blog posts, so keep those eyeballs peeled.

‘TT RV kzM 2P_Shaper 1#03’, the first of four relatively short tracks kicks things off, sounding like a grumpy, grumbling old synth that’s been cryogenically frozen for decades and awoken from its slumber. Despite being just over a minute and a half ‘TT-RV-kzM-2P_Shaper-2#03’ manages to be wonderfully hypnotic as it loops and simmers. It’s brilliantly compact in its ability to generate a really stirring feeling in that amount of time - sometimes that’s all you need. Just as I begin to really zone out, the whole thing implodes in a burst of noise as though the plug has been pulled and the ceiling comes crashing down. ‘TT-RV-kzM-2P_Shaper-2#10’ comes in with deep, pulsing vibrations before erupting into some demented squelching. The following track is similarly unhinged - sounding like R2-D2 and his droid chums getting a bit rowdy after too many shots in the Mos Eisley Cantina. ‘TT-RV-kzM-2P_Shaper-2#20’ is beguiling with its static like crackle and hypnotizing oscillations that almost sound like percussion. ‘CSR3 MONO’ is the centrepiece of the album - a juxtaposition of droning high and low frequencies, layered over sixteen agreeable minutes in classic NYZ mode. Four more spannered shorter pieces follow before the incredible ‘CSR34t kzM ENRONMI’ is saved for last. Almost seventeen absorbing, minutes that transport us into some dark, futuristic alien realm complete with intergalactic gamelan communication. Quite frankly this track is worth the entry fee alone and is to these ears, one of the finest pieces of music to come out of the noyzelab in recent years.



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