A Girl Cried Red by Princess Nokia

Having swapped her PE kit for a Slipknot t-shirt, Princes Nokia is ready for an act of radical reclamation. A Girl Cried Red is as emo as emo gets, and despite it's place within a canon enabled by black musicians, is typically dominated by white ones. Available on limited red 12" on Rough Trade.

Limited Vinyl 12" £12.99 RT0013ST

Limited edition, red coloured vinyl 12" EP on Rough Trade.

  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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Limited Tape £9.99 RT0013MC

Limited edition tape on Rough Trade.

  • Limited edition
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A Girl Cried Red by Princess Nokia
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6/10 Clinton 20 June 2018

Phil likes this. I think his pre-teen stepdaughter must have been playing it. No she likes PIL so he's obviously hitting yet another mid-life crisis.  To review it though means I'm breaching my 'no autotune' policy... something that seems to baffle the younger elements in our office. You see, hearing autotune on my records hits a particular middle aged nerve. As UI once said  - "do we go round to your house and put salt on your food?" No we bloody well don't. 

The album consists of lots of miniature, sample based pop songs that start out bright and breezy but half way through each of them you realise that there's isn't anything of substance there at all. It's the musical equivalent of a McDonalds Happy Meal. These things just don't fill you up... you think you want them but you don't...wake up and you realise that they are just little ditties which charm for a very short amount of time. Her vocal is a kind on one dimensional emo whine with lyrics that repeat across the LP - self referencing a la Game Theory perhaps? Clever. On occasion there's something I like all the way through. 'Look Up Kid' is a neat little punk song led my some beautifully breezy guitars  - as tuneful as a lollipop - and I didn't switch off after one minute thirty seconds. Result. 

Overall it's a strange mix of woe-is-me-God-my-life-is-awful emo songwriting and hip-hop brevity. It has one thing going for it....it's short. Ok two, she's breaking the fourth wall with this idea of the same lyrics popping up on different songs and ..ok three it's very tuneful. But really it's just Paramore meets Aguilera meets imported indie cred.   

9/10 Leggsy 4th September 2018

In a direct contrast to her previous release, 1992 Deluxe, where she looks sweet and innocent, fresh faced and as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth on the cover only to treat us to fantastic streetwise raps full of attitude and confidence, on the cover of this latest release Destiny appears to be full of joy, confidence and attitude but when you play the record she shows us a completely different side to her personality with more grown up emotion and feeling which has a sense of vulnerability and melancholy in her lyrics.

For me the stand out track is 'Look up kid' which rocks but the other tracks are all splendid, deep and meaningful.

This is, possibly, my favourite release so far of the year and I can't stop playing it.

8/10 David Wager 21st June 2018

Bought this 12" on a whim, in the old school 'I like the cover so I think I'll give it a bash' stylee. I'd read a tiny bit about the artist and she seemed interesting although I'd never heard any of her stuff (he doesn't listen to music radio. Ed.) apart from a few seconds of a clip of one of the tracks via the cheesy laptop speakers but I thought I'd give it a go and am pleasantly surprised at the results - I really like it, so much so I've sourced a copy of her '1992' album on Rough Trade to buy. Nice bass response via the 'proper' hi-fi and great lyrics.

Already looking to hearing it again.

10/10 Miljana Customer rating (no review), 22nd January 2020



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