God’s Favorite Customer by Father John Misty

Oh hold on, so what happened to that wife he spent hours and hours droning on about? Because the press release here says 'God’s Favorite Customer 'reflects on the experience of being caught between the vertigo of heartbreak and the manic throes of freedom'. Is it because he sounds like Elton John? Anyway ‘God’s Favorite Customer’ was produced by Tillmann....blah blah...... features Jonathan Wilson blah blah.*Fingers in ears* *not listening. 

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God’s Favorite Customer by Father John Misty
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4/10 Clinton 07 June 2018

It's tempting to spend all day on the question 'why....and how is Father John Misty so bad?' It's a tricky one to answer as sometimes he comes up with the musical goods which proves that beneath the bluster he has something. He also has a really great timeless voice which *should* be able to sing anything and get away with it. 'God's Favourite Customer' is proof that it isn't possible just to wing it on a fake persona and a load of Elton John cast offs. 

At it's best on 'Mr Tillman' it is funny and catchy. This is the type of track where Tillman's 'meta' way of writing songs works in his favour. It has a lovely melody that admittedly he shows no sign of building on he just let's it repeat whilst he regales tales of his travails at a hotel and he sings against himself . It has a lightness of touch lacking in the remainder of the album which is a series of overwrought, melody free, bloated 70's rock songs that because Tillman is so up himself he can't inject anything with any real emotion. Even when he tries to get serious on the agreeable late night twinkles of 'The Palace' the effect is ruined by the lyric "last night I wrote a poem because I must have been in the poem zone". 


It's like his songs have somehow been designed to annoy the living daylights out of me. They are also boring. Boring and annoying. Just buy a used copy of “Tumbleweed Connection” and maybe eventually he'll go away. 

4/10 Robin 30 May 2018

The night Josh Tillman came to our apartment. The night Josh Tillman wouldn’t stop eating things from our fridge. The night Josh Tillman kept telling us his conspiracy theories about chemtrails but just nodded blankly while texting his wife any time we tried to talk. The night Josh Tillman wouldn’t stop reminiscing about his experiences with acid. The night Josh Tillman used the word “baby” fifty times in a row. The night Josh Tillman asked us to “call him Josh” but said “It’s John” any time we did. The night Josh Tillman shaved his beard in our bathroom. The night Josh Tillman wouldn’t stop playing Elton John songs on our piano. The night Josh Tillman cried on our sofa. The night Josh Tillman corrected our grammar. The night Josh Tillman got mustard all over his suit. The night Josh Tillman was on Twitter was on stage was in a restaurant was having sex was doing something somewhere always forever until the heat death of the universe.

10/10 Indi 13th June 2018

Beautiful deluxe edition arrived in perfect condition without having to pay the expensive delivery and prices of Bella Union. Norman records always manages to make rarer items available to people in Europe who can't order special editions from the US or wherever due to delivery that costs more than the record. Love this album so much



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