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Very talented man David Burraston, aka NYZ, returns to Psøma Psi Phi for DSP TRX, a four hour rager. This is music for fans of: not quite knowing what's going on, being overwhelmed by the enormity of things, and staring at waterfalls. Comes on four CDs, with disk four being a cute little 3"er.

Limited CD box set £28.49 NYZ-III

4CD-R set on Psøma Psi Phi. Packaged in a clear plastic quad-disk case with a wraparound insert custom printed by David Tagg. Fourth disc is a 3" CD-R. Limited edition of 34 copies.

  • Limited edition
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9/10 Ant 16 May 2018

NYZ (aka David Burraston, Noyzelab, Dave Noyze, Bryen Telko) has found a suitable home in Brian Grainger’s (Milieu, Coppice Halifax etc.) Psøma Psi Phi label. Not many labels are willing to throw down on works the scale of ‘DSP TRX’, a four CD-R set (three 5-inch CDs + one 3-inch CD) that clocks in at just over four hours. Grainger himself is extraordinarily prolific and no stranger to large-scale releases - just peep his BandCamp and you’ll find a lifetime’s worth of audio. I’m sure that for the casual listener this duration could possibly be a little intimidating, but the hardcore synth noise and drone fiends should totally lap this one up. There are only 34 copies in existence and we’re the only place you can score it -- other than directly from the label in the USA. Note that this physical edition is basically four times as long as the truncated digital release.

Fully wielding and harnessing the transcendent potential and power of sound, ‘DSP TRX’ will blow yer fookin’ head off, rewire and deprogramme your noodle then reattach it - like a much safer form of electroconvulsive therapy that will leave you feeling thoroughly cleansed.

Hitting play on the first disc is like jamming your fingers straight into the 240V mains supply. The first six ‘COMPARATOR’ tracks induce a tantalizing semi-orgasmic sensation comparable to the pleasure/pain paradox of electricity coursing directly through the body.

Four ‘PEAK&TROUGH’ tracks follow and things stabilize somewhat - it’s tempting to call these tracks drone works, but the sort of grayscale monotony often associated with the word simply doesn’t do justice to the buzzing vibrations these emit - at the right volume there’s a physicality, like the heaviest digital dub that simply needs to be felt as much as heard.

A series of five ‘RM_LOG_’ tracks comprise the third disc and spill over into the fourth (note if you don’t have a tray loading CD player then you’ll not be able to play this 3-inch disc). Here we’re deep in a meditative bliss zone, before things close with cheeky little sizzler ‘NYZ_DSP1#11’.

‘DSP TRX’ doesn’t sit comfortably in the electronic music paradigm - it’s possibly too “noisy” to be considered ambient, not noisy enough to fit into the world of harsh nihilistic noise music, is heavier and more techno-fied than your run of the mill drone record, and there’s a meditative quality without any new age hippy fluff. There’s little affinity with any contemporary academic/computer/generative music and it certainly doesn’t function as aural wallpaper -- you need to get inside this music and let it get inside you. Ultimately, you just have to file it under: NYZ.


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