With Dim Light by Minami Deutsch

Here’s some spirited post-punkish, 60s psych-rock from Japan. Kyotaro Muila spearheaded Minami Deutsch in Tokyo in 2014, drawing together a bunch of minimal techno enthusiasts for the remaining instruments. This keenness for repetitive beats clearly informs the indulgent sections of these billowing tunes, but the songwriting is more elaborate and composed. The knitter’s nightmare of ‘Tangled Yarn’ is, unlike its title may suggest, deliriously relaxed and happy.

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With Dim Light by Minami Deutsch
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8/10 Clinton 19 April 2018

Minami Deutsch is the kind of name of band that ensures I studiously ignore their output. This is probably the little Englander in me coming out. I don't know what it means and I can't say it all that well. Now if they were called Sausages then I might take a bigger interest. 

The press blurb suggests that these are psych freaks who like techno and there is indeed a pulverising pulse to the tracks but the open two pieces in particular are very melodic and remind me more than anything of Pell Mell. The band have a handy method of churning kraut rock round and round for seemingly ever then launching into a wondrous guitar break. The best example of this is on 'I've Seen a UFO' which spins round like Cavern of Anti Matter before shards of guitars both emotive and jagged come to the fore. They have the tight nit minimalism of the sort of band who have studied at the altar of Neu but there's more colour and life in here than in most of the kraut/fuzz racket we hear with spangling guitars blending beautifully with the sleek rhythms and odd dislocated vocals not far from the surface. 

Very good.  



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