Disquiet by Noon

Wow ok. This one blows your head off. Noon are a London-based trio that bring together free jazz, free rock and free everything else. They’ve taken seven years since the release of their debut EP in 2011, but Disquiet was worth the wait. The guitar playing recalls Adrien Belew and St Vincent at their very zaniest as well as packing an additional crunch that pretty much consumes the sound. The drums and bass are at once titanically massive and groovily nimble even when operating at sluggish tempos. It's a bit like Zammuto ... a bit.

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Disquiet by Noon
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8/10 Jamie 28 March 2018

Well, the signs were there but in my haste to complete my reviews I paid no heed: 'Disquiet' does not start quietly. It's the very antithesis of quiet, as it happens. Who knew? Plainly not me, as these thunderous sounds blasting out of my headphones nearly blew my head off. I was lulled I tell you, by the gentle stream of neoclassical flourishes which pleasingly but deceptively came before it.

So it turns out this band Noon are no slouches when it comes to using the distortion pedal. Plenty of very loud guitar in this one, is what I'm trying to say. The album's opener 'Use On Floor' is a ferocious roar of free rock / free jazz fusion -- to accompany the visual metaphor of whatever creature/monkey/wolf has its mouth agape, jaws wide open to bare its teeth adorning the front cover of the cd -- layers of electric guitar mashing up my ears alongside some tremendous bass and tricksy but nonetheless pummelling drums.

'Wow Ashen' features even more scurrying drumming and rapid thrumming of guitar -- quieter than the opener but equally disconcerting -- and the title track is a mesmeric throbber which builds, and builds, and builds; all the while piling on the tension using every trick in the book and threatens to come to a terrific crescendo but instead opts to fool you by just... fading... out, leaving you hanging like the sucker you are. You sucker, you.

Still, I hope your teeth are brushed and sharp -- because Disquiet is a cruncher, all right.



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