Dalham's debut 'Waves' was a word-of-mouth hit here at Norman Records. You all went a bit crazy for its slo-mo, sci-fi, electronic doom and its pressing of 250 sold out pretty damn quick. So it's great news that the mysterious bod behind Dalham has returned with a brand new opus of blurry electronics and eerie soundscapes. 'Janus' is available in a micro edition of 250 copies, in reverse board sleeve as a one-time pressing. No re-press, ever.

Limited Vinyl LP £13.99 The Swan 18

Limited edition of 250 copies in reserve board sleeve. EXCLUSIVE!.

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Janus by Dalham
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9/10 Jamie 07 February 2018

Oh boy, am I excited: it’s Dalham time! Yes folks, Phil’s favourite electronics-bothering discovery of recent times have blessed us with ‘Janus’, their follow-up record to last year’s winning ‘Waves’. Also, it’s time to do something we haven’t done in a while and… just… can’t… resist.. brrrreakk out the Boards Of Canada reference! There, that wasn’t too bad -- I can breathe a little easier now.

Whereas BoC’s dusty synths near-as-dammit perpetually soundtracked an invincible British summer circa 1982 -- still are, in fact -- Dalham resides within abandoned concrete spaces, towering over most of us down here. They’ve been soaking up as much of the winter sunshine as possible, shafts of light leaking through the crumbled architecture here and there, before injecting their machines with fresh bursts of white light to relay on to us lucky listeners.

The record opens with ‘Reiks’, wrong-footing me instantly with a one-two punch of crisply sparkling, crystalline synths wrapped around a crunchy core of stuttering beats. It’s all surprisingly refreshing.

Seriously, it’s like basking in the most positively *radiant* electronic glow as evidenced by the dazzling melodies and buoyant beats on ‘Talos’ and ‘Alta Satun’ -- echoes of Plaid, here. ‘Teufelsberg’ meanwhile, harkens back once more unto the heady days of ‘Music Has The Right To Children’. Yes I know, I know… ‘Ural’ closes the disc with its unwaveringly optimistic, sky-gazing ambience. Tasty electronic music for fans of the sunny melodies and all of the above.

9/10 Martin 19th March 2018

Another great long player from Dalham!

10/10 Norman Customer rating (no review), 19th June 2019
10/10 Helen Customer rating (no review), 12th November 2018
7/10 Luis Customer rating (no review), 1st March 2018



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