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Once something of a hero yet now an actual idiot, the announcement of a new Morrissey album still manages to rustle up some kind of excitement in a world of increasingly homogenous and uninteresting pop stars. Giving a rare voice in the indie world to right-leaning Brexiteers and Farage acolytes, fans will hope that there's something left in the old quiff before it flops off completely.    

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Low In High School by Morrissey
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4/10 Clinton Staff review, 15 November 2017

Following his gruesome comments regarding UKIP's leadership contest, I re-read  Morrissey's 2013 autobiography  - a book which perfectly mirrors his musical career. It begins as a fascinatingly literate, darkly comic tomb full of kitchen sink dramas, it ends a bloated, deluded, endless gripe about chart positions and perceived injustices.  Rarely has a former hero gone down in my estimation. Most people just get steadily less interesting over the years. Morrissey, however has metamorphosized, from hero to twat in front our very eyes. 

Talking about Morrissey's music these days is a little like discussing Nigel Farage's oratory skills. It doesn't really matter how it's presented, there's something so terribly unsavoury behind it that not even his long learned skills can save it. His previous record 'World Peace Is None of Your Business' had its moments, particularly when Morrissey gave up the meat and potatoes chug he's been content to peddle for the last 20 or so years to delve into subtly created torch songs. But as usual Morrissey fell out with his label, blaming all and sundry for the records failure without having the humility to acknowledge that he himself...you know... might be part of the problem. 

'Low In High School' is even worse than Morrissey's most leaden moments, it's resolutely awful throughout. A ham fisted slog through a series of listless compositions that take the Smiths blueprint and hammer it into the grave. Guitars are played with boxing gloves, horns are added lasciviously, sweeping strings are plonked on top in a desperate attempt at emotion. It's full of utter tripe  - 'Home Is a Question Mark' is like 'I Know It's Over' played by Embrace, opener 'My Love, I'd Do Anything For You' is performed as if by a herd of oxen and single 'Spent the Day In Bed' is as smug as any Piers Morgan thought piece. Overleaf 'The Girl From Tel Aviv Who Wouldn't Kneel' is a hopeless piano led Flamenco ditty and 'All The Young People Must Fall In Love' is a sub Sweet tuneless, vapid nothing of a song. Over it all the familiar whinny of a man with so little left to say that his only hope of piquing interest is acting like some kind of Daily Mail columnist. 

Again Morrissey will point the finger of blame for this records failure at everyone but himself. Publicists, record companies, the press, the fickle public will all get it in the neck. But only one person is to blame  - the man who once claimed ludicrously that his success was all down to himself with no help from others. Morrissey  - it's you. You are a fool man. Move on, everyone... move on.       

9/10 Jonny C Customer review, 2nd December 2017

I'm mostly reviewing this to add some balance to the ridiculous over-reactions of outraged journalists and "tolerance to everyone except old white guys" merchants, all falling over themselves to out virtue-signal each other and find further micro-aggressions to lay at Moz's door.

We all know it's been a bumpy ride with Morrissey, and not all the tracks on his solo albums are winners. But if you appreciate his voice and unique lyrical abilities, you have to admit that, ornery or not, he is an absolute treasure. When did criticism become "racism" and "bigotry"? Why would you bring so much silly baggage to a pop record. Did Morrissey let off a bomb, you might think so, the anger directed at him for EXPRESSING OPINIONS.

So sad that some people can only deal with artists that spout exactly the political / social mantra they want to hear. Boring. Don't close down your critical faculties, have a listen for yourself - you'll at least enjoy the energy and raucousness of "My love...".

8/10 Neil Customer review, 22nd November 2017

People these days eh?

Reviewers getting all hot under the collar because a man of almost 60, puts out a record.

Let's dig up the past, let's re-read stuff, lets hold the magnifying glass up to everything ever said, ever written.

Let us review Morrissey like we would not review anyone else, because we cannot for a second feel comfortable with anything he says these days, and we cannot allow ourselves to be seen siding with anything said, and we must join most other journalists in the safety pen, where we can all rest assured that we are doing the right thing and no-one will notice us and we can all hide together and never have a contrary opinion and never stand out and never put ourselves on the line and never actually be brave and certainly never be counted.

The album has 12 tracks and 3 of them are of 50/50 quality.

This brings the maths (approx) to 10.6 out of 12.

This is very good going and if you actually review it musically and emotionally and the way the voice is used as an instrument, as well as lyrically, you may rate it really rather well.

There is not one single boring moment on 9 of the 12 tracks and there is not much mainstream stuff you can say that about.

If i were pushed. I would say, In Your Lap, would get kicked off the album, but only if pushed.

Ironically, the lead single is not my favourite moment either, but it does carry the important, stop watching the news line, which should start to suggest to the masses, the futility of actually watching 99% of it.

I work with a standard ordinary kind of guy, family man, nothing different about him, from millions of others. Standard life etc etc. GUESS WHAT?

He comes breezing in to work the other day, no interest in music it needs to be said, and he engages me in " have I heard the new Morrissey single, yeah, stay in bed yeah, I love my bed, I love the jingly bit at the start, something about the news yeah. "

He only heard it because they shoehorned it in, between the relentless chitter chatter and jibber jabber of god awful, I'm a bit thick commercial radio, but the point is he heared it, he remembered it and was sufficiently engaged to talk about it, over his usual refrain of "West Bromich Albion are great and I'm going fishing at the weekend" tedium.....Points for Morrissey I think..........He's never mentioned a tune before in 15 years.

I'm going to suggest that more positive reviews for this album, to your site as well as others may just surprise you.


10/10 João Customer rating (no review), 14th December 2017
10/10 Phil Customer rating (no review), 30th November 2017
10/10 David Customer rating (no review), 30th November 2017
10/10 Oscar Customer rating (no review), 29th November 2017


Morrissey - Spent the Day in Bed (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube


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