You go to Motor City Drum Ensemble when you want classic-sounding and impeccably-crafted disco-house. None of the producer’s releases embody his sound more than the Raw Cuts series. Numbers 3 and 4 are exquisitely moody DJ tools, their rhythmic keyboards and choppy vocal samples sliding in and out of languidly jacking drum grooves. Peers like Moodymann and Soundstream would be mighty happy to have come up with some stuff like this.

Vinyl 12" £8.99 MCDE 1202

Repress 12" on MCDE Recordings.

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Raw Cuts # 3 / Raw Cuts # 4 by Motor City Drum Ensemble
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8/10 Laurie 10 August 2017

Wow, didn’t expect this one to get a repress. It’s that Ensemble that is neither lofty nor an ensemble that plays the deep deep house music, this record (and probably the whole Raw Cuts series) being modern classics of the genre, taking influence from disco and funk as well as incorporating the sounds of the city into club bangers. The A side brings in whirling street noise and a tapestry of vocal snippets under a slinky slunky house beat with pitched loungey stabs pushing it forward. I think that’s the one I recognise the most from spending too much time in Hyde Park basements and Flux nights 5 years ago. The flip gives those same style of chords a more seasick feel with more joyous vocals and dubbed piano.

9/10 Joe 12th November 2017

"Joe," my father said to me, calling into my bedroom.

"Yes, father?" I responded, assuming it was going to be another one of his bad jokes that only your dad will go out of your way to say.

"I've got something to play for you; I think you'll like it," he said with a gloating smirk on his face, knowing that he was about to my mind with his choice of music recommendation.

And then he plays Raw Cuts #3.

"Jokes on you!" I shouted to him. "Raw Cuts #3 is one of the staples in the modern dance-disco era! Released in 2008 on Motor City Drum Ensemble's own label, it's only just been repressed and has therefore gained a lot of media attention recently: but trendy dance-hipster me already knew about this for a few years now! I'd really recommend buying one of the represses, considering how I couldn't get my hands on one of the originals! If you like something such as Moodymann, then this could be right up your street!"

"Christ, Joe," he said to me. "You're talking to me as if you're writing a review on Norman Records."


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