Hotels Of The New Wave by National Screen Service

The debut album from 'canny' Prolapse bassist Mick Harrison showcases the lad's love of all things shoegaze and dreamy. These nine instrumentals are inspired by the early 90s vogue for looking at your feet but also take in elements of post rock and electronica resulting in a neat album of blurry bedroom-gaze. Guest spots from members of Prolapse and Amina

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CD on Beko - solo project of Prolapse bassist Mick Harrison.

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Hotels Of The New Wave by National Screen Service
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8/10 Clinton 11 July 2017

Aye. Been awhile since we heard much from them Prolapse types other than their 2015 reformation/lap of honour but now we have this debut from their bassist Mick Harrison to fill the gap.

It's actually nothing like Prolapse so don't expect to hear a couple arguing over kraut-rock. Instead we have a dreamy album of bedroom produced shoegaze that forgoes the recent vogue for watering down the Ride back catalogue and instead delves into the heart of the matter. This is like shoegaze if it was on 4AD  - a series of instrumental tracks that build from murky beginnings utilising the sort of melodic prowess that ensures that Mogwai are still a force to be reckoned with. The standout 'Claudia (Spring)' is a masterful example of building from simple melodic beginnings to something that if it weren't for drum machine accompaniment could be monolithic. The record is more concerned with building atmospheres using effects pedals and melodic bass lines. The beginning of the seven minute 'Woodfall' sounds almost like GAS trying his hand at post-rock before it breaks out into Slowdive-ish slabs of sound driven forward by high toned bass and lashings of guitar effects. Elsewhere the subtle tones and contrasts recall the whispering work of early Seefeel but these ambient interludes are often followed by a steady metronomic pulse of bass guitar and rhythm box. 

Though Harrison's initial ideas come from those bands who started to use guitars in a different way (Cocteau Twins, AR Kane, My Bloody Valentine), there's also a post ambient dynamic here. These are mood pieces that also encompass kraut and post rock. No vocals  - just cathedrals of sound, mate. Perfect cathedrals of sound for fans of all that glistens. 


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