The Error of My WAVs by Meatbingo

ALERT! ALERT! This is not Meatraffle. This is rather, an entirely different meat gambling proposition, Meatbingo. Ridiculous electronic-funk that has every much the sense of humour it's title, The Error of My WAVs would suggest. Contains a truly improbably amount of funk, probably to do with the fact it has bass guitar on it.

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The Error of My WAVs by Meatbingo
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8/10 Ant 19 July 2017

What on earth has Neil Scrivin aka Phono Ghosts been up to? Sounds like he took a skip load of olde Funk, Boogie, Freestyle, Yellow Magic Orchestra and Art of Noise records and reverse manufactured them. Grinding them down into vinyl pellets which he’s then poured through a giant funnel connected to the Meatbingo mainframe - which is using some sort of magic quantum computing to rearrange them. The supercomputer is then spewing out quite possibly the most restless, itchy, dynamic electro-funk you’re ears are ever likely to hear. It’s a hyperactive sugar rush that’ll have limbs flailing in danger of taking someone's head off. Despite the fact this music is so busy, it’s never messy, and always retains a groove. This album is literally busting with funk - as if he’s distilled and concentrated all the funk that’s ever existed in time and space, all into one record. There’s no more funk left in the world - he’s hoovered it all up. He owns all the funk now. He is the funk. All remaining funk is now exclusively on ‘The Error of My WAVs’ so if you want some funk you’d better get this record/tape or spend the rest of eternity being tormented in the funk void. A funkin’ funky funker. Great fun(k).



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