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Constructed around a menacing synth drone that threads through the entire album, musician and producer Sebastian Camens hit several emotional peaks and troughs with his Tan Object record. The repetitive yet malleable structures never stay in the same place for long, and the mood is impossible to pin down. 

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Tan Object by Sebastian Camens
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8/10 Ant 19 July 2017

Sebastian Camens was responsible for the B-side of the first release on Conditional, and now returns to the label with its first release on ye good olde compact disc. The digital format somehow feels appropriate for this music - I think the inherent characteristics of tape would detract from the bizarre effects the sound has on the mind and body.

For a general idea of what to expect on ‘Tan Object’ think of EVOL’s computer music and its perverse assault on the senses. This one really will send the noggin’ spinning. At high volume it feels like I’ve been zapped by a giant Buzz Lightyear toy raygun and vapourized into particles. It’s a right brain masher, in the sense that it feels totally monotonous and loopy, and yet also seems to be changing. To the point where it becomes unclear wether the sound has changed or if it's just the way the listener is perceiving it. It’s almost like some sort of sonic weapon that when deployed on enemies, would just have all of their brains explode out of their skulls in synch. But at the same time, is bizarrely relaxing and kinda soothing. Whether intended to or not I’m finding it really bridges the pleasure/pain dichotomy. Not that I’m a weird sadist or anything, but it makes me think of the buzz I once got at the dentist while getting a tooth drilled. A kind of exhilarating feeling of being subjected to something “extreme”, like getting an electric shock. By the time it was over, I felt like I’d been just plugged directly into the mains.

‘Tan Object’ is like licking a battery for 45mins. At first it’s kinda sour and makes you squirm, but once you get used to it, it becomes pretty tasty and gives semi-orgasmic tingles.



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