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Philippe Krootchey was a highly active DJ in Paris in the 70s and 80s. Forming the group Love International releasing Dance On The groove And Do The Funk in 1981. Here we have a remaster and reissue of his debut solo outing housing his huge energy in freak out electro-disco. Features the english version and slowed remix. Vinyl on Dark Entries.

Vinyl 12" £15.49 DE167

12" on Dark Entries. Includes postcard.

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Qu'Est-Ce Qu'll A (D'Plus Que Moi Ce Negro La?) by Krootchey
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8/10 Laurie 09 August 2017

Philippe Krootchey was an electro DJ and creator during the 70s and 80s on the Parisian electro circuit who apparently had a big hit with his group Love International and the single ‘Dance on the Groove (and Do the Funk)’. Don’t remember that one myself, but then I was less than an embryo in those days. Happier, more carefree times. Well, here we have his debut solo venture remastered and reissued for your dancing pleasure. Billed as a radical critique of the continued presence of colonial racism in 80s France, this record strikes as more important than just an electro record of its time.

The original is seriously funky. Classic early electro at its finest right here, all short and stabby and neon with a bouncy broken beat and bassline to boot. That’s 5 ‘b’s in a row, that’s how much this has inspired me. All the words are in French so if you’re being a good Brexiteer, then they made an English vox version which you’ll find at a UKIP rally. Or at the end of the A side -- this isn’t just a shit joke, it is actually on here. The B side has what appears to be an extremely long and jammy slowed version, or the ‘Hot Voodoo dub’. It’s pretty cool I guess, would still move feet. 


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