Rather appropriately hailing from the Norwegian village of Hell, Infernality was the 2017 debut album from the mysterious duo Pact Infernal. Dealing in a claustrophobic, noir take on techno and electronica, it followed two successful EPs, and is now getting a much-needed double-LP reprint on Horo Records.

Vinyl Double LP £17.99 HOROEX10R

2019 coloured vinyl repress vinyl 2LP on Horo.

  • Coloured vinyl
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Infernality by Pact Infernal
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9/10 Ant 13 July 2017

I’ve been cranking this black beauty up a fair wee bit recently, as I have with all the stuff  on Horo that I’ve recently been imbibing. Gear from Ancestral Voices, SNTS, Separation Anxiety, ENA, Grebenstein and ASC has all been satisfying my urge for darker strains of electronic music. If you’re yet to get stuck into this label and love a bit of gloom, then I can highly recommend doing so.

Spread across two slabs of marbled vinyl, ‘Infertility’ is hugely immersive - a real trip/journey in every sense of the cliché. Dim the lights and it’s like witnessing an occult ritual/ceremony of some ancient dark organization. For the greater part, there’s a real slow and heavy pace with both marital and tribal drums, and some shivering, icy synth. There’s an overwhelming dread filled atmosphere throughout, as we travel through dank pitch black tunnels and hover over huge gothic structures. A beautifully dark and mystical album that encomasses black industrial ambient/techno with an undercurrent of tribal warfare.

Recommended for fans of Oake, Ancestral Voices, Vatican Shadow, Shackleton, Scorn, Cut Hands, Simon Shreeve, Muslimgauze, Raime, Ancient Methods etc. You get the picture.


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