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Los Angeles April Love and Loren Luck bring their self released debut full length as Lucky + Love. Lots in here for fans of New Order, Depeche Mode, and Cocteau Twins. Driving electro synth-pop tracks, with a raw, yet high fidelity DIY aesthetic. Cold and catchy synth lines topped with entrancing vocal harmonies.

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Limited white vinyl LP on Lucky + Love.

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CD on Lucky + Love.

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Lucky + Love by Lucky + Love
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6/10 Clinton 28 June 2017

"Hey you, I think you are sexy". Honestly if I had a pound for every time I heard this groaned at me....and now it's being sung in a sort of disorientated/disinterested voice over some ploddy if listenable electro -pop. Again the press release compares them to all the greats  - New Order, Depeche Mode and Cocteau Twins -yet Lucky + Love  don't represent any pf them in any way. 

It's not totally awful but it kind of depresses me that this is the sort of thing that gets a release in 2017. It's nothing more than standard electro-pop that seems to go slower than necessary with breathy vocals on top. There's bits of Zola Jesus and bits of Crystal Castles and I guess it helps that they are from L.A.

But with that ungooglable name and at 33 minutes long you have to ask what is it doing that will require a purchase though I will be prepared to eat my pen if they suddenly get huge. It's not bad though. It's good-ish electro-pop. 

8/10 Richard 1st July 2017

This album is consistently intriguing. It has great hooks and ear catching melody lines. The drum programing is high quality. April and Loren are masters at creating wonderful synthetic ambience.

Each track holds your attention leaving you wanting more. April is a lovely vocalist with beautiful sincere tone. Their arrangements are grade A , never a dull moment.

Lucky + Love has a way of sounding classic but current at the same time. They know how to take the best elements of synthpop and make it new and refreshing, making them stand out from other groups.

8/10 Lizkah 30th June 2017

I love this album and the Lucky + Love sound. April's vocals remind me of what I love about Siouxsie Sioux and their Moog heaviness really satisfies my thirst for bass.

Full Moon is my favourite song showcasing the sweetness of April's voice. It kinda reminds me of Stars, one of my favorite Canadian bands. Such a beautiful track.

Digging in the Earth has wonderful pop sensibility but still edgy with great synth sounds. Killer arrangement. Her vocal parts are stunning and pitch perfect. Loads of hooks to keep me coming back.


LUCKY+LOVE - DIGGING IN THE EARTH official music video - YouTube



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