Into Olymp by Laurent De Schepper Trio

Laurent De Schepper Trio, who have rather indecently become a quartet since they established themselves under the name, present their second album of indie-jazz sonics. By putting the saxophone, that most essential of jazz instruments, through an array of effects, the group exceed the limits of the genre and create a sweet suite of smooth sound adventure. Into Olymp is released by Karlrecords.

Vinyl Double LP £22.99 KR034

180g vinyl, gatefold 2LP on Karlrecords. Edition of 300 copies.

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Into Olymp by Laurent De Schepper Trio
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7/10 Robin 11 May 2017

This is a broth so stodgy I can imagine the druid from Asterix and Obelix conjuring it up and then telling us all we’re not allowed to drink it. Equal parts smooth and frantic, psychedelic and fusion, this record from the Laurent De Schepper Trio will keep you on your toes, which will be supported by your dancing legs, the whole set of actions of course kept possible by your brain, which lives inside the head you will be scratching while listening to this.

Processed saxophone and a steady-as-they-like rhythm section, plus the kinda keys Herbie Hancock would sprinkle, and also some guitar, and oh my god I need to stop listing things, make this record what it is. At times it suggests the smoother corners of jazz, as on “Maria”, where Paula Akinsinde offers a wonderful vocal performance that then gets blurred to the sides as the track loses focus and becomes a gulped meditation.

There’s lots of jamming to enjoy, such as the total meander of “Pan”, where everything moves as smoothly and tightly as one of Corbyn’s future trainlines but towards nothing in particular at all. These moments are nice to have on because they feel so free of obligation, recalling the early jams of Do Make Say Think in their light intensity. “Plateau of Muses” wahs, wobbles and honks like the jazz version of that newest Chris Forsyth record, while “Goodbye Greece” offers a diluted, almost ambient rework of the core trio’s sound, suggesting something new age behind their smoothprovisations. Good work from a band sometimes stylised as the laurENt dE sChepPer tRio on Youtube -- have a sEvEn OuT oF tEn.


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