The new Peaking Lights record is a double, recorded gradually over the course of the last two years. The Fifth State Of Consciousness is a fine suite of dubby psychedelic pop music, with everything filtering through the lovely home-crafted studio and lovely home-crafted aesthetic of Peaking Lights. Double LP on Two Flowers Records.

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The Fifth State Of Consciousness by Peaking Lights
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5/10 Clinton 28 June 2017

I hadn't noticed Peaking Lights awful sleeve artwork until my friend Joel emailed me baffled about what had made them come up with the artwork to this new record. The honest answer? I don't have a clue. It in no way represents the drifty electronic sounds contained here-in. 

We all remember where we were when Peaking Lights released '936' don't we? Our Ant does. He awarded it a 10/10 score describing it as "basement dub pop killer". The dub is still in Peaking Lights music but in the intervening years they've picked away at the cloak of mystery to the point that recent releases have been as murky and mysterious as your average St Etienne release. Opener 'Dreaming Outside' continues this dreamy dub inflected music but I really do think they've overcooked the synth wobbles. What should be slow burning, dream like haunt pop is littered with all kinds of unnecessary synth additions. 'Coyote Ghost Melodies' is afflicted similarly with screeching synth and a dreadful electric guitar drenches the intro to 'Every Time I see the Light' annoying me before the track has even started.

The thing is  - the basis of the tracks the same as they ever were but Peaking Lights have left absolutely no room for atmosphere. More is less as they say and part of the problem isn't just the amount of detrius thrown on the mixes but the quality of sound. It's awful - horrible synth squeaks. Beneath it is something which could be a decent-ish if samey Peaking Lights album. They need to get back to the murk and refigure why their albums once sounded good.

Paging King Tubby  - I've got a clear up job for you.




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