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Oh no. Not again. Sun Kil Moon (aka Mark Kozelek) and Jesu (aka Justin K Broadrick) have been fans of one another for years and this is the second LP they've come up with together in recent times. The first one had it's moments so if they can reign in Kozelek's verbal diarrhoea this could be worth a listen. 

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30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth by Sun Kil Moon / Jesu
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5/10 Clinton 03 May 2017

I think we can all agree that most people have really boring voices. Monotonous, droning never ending rambling on and on about stuff that doesn’t matter. Tedious, moribund vomits of nothingness that they think is important but just adds to the barrage of ear tiring audio that spews from their stupid mouths. 

For clarity and fairness I’d include myself in this list. I witter on and on, oh my life is so shit, why do I support a football team that have just become the lowest placed professional club in the entire universe? Fucking Guiseley why did they have to score in the last minute to send us down. Why? Why? And my mother says I should support Guiseley from now on. What? What is she on about? And the bins  - they’ve doubled the amount of bins in my back lane and the black ones are the recycling and the green ones are the landfill. Why would they do that? And I’m pretty sure my relationship with my cat is becoming abusive. ...the fucking intercom won’t work and this  morning I had to tap in the numbers to the keypad three times before I got in. Standing there in the corridor of hate.  And singers who think it's good enough to just say the words Ohio and New Jersey and think it sounds romantic. "Remember that that day we drove together to Stanley to pick up a sofa, the sun shone and I kissed her goodbye at the A1/A59 junction". Anyway my legs hurt and when I got back from work yesterday I looked so fat and old that I just wanted to scream at my flabby forty something self and say get a grip but everything hurts so I went to bed but the duvet is too big for it's cover so keeps coming out the bottom. Grrrrrr...musicians who sing about being a musician. Ate half a quiche. Fucking lost my house keys - I’ve had the place upside down, was going to go on a bike ride but had a flat tyre.

Lost my fucking pump AND I'M SICK OF SELF OBSESSED IDIOTS.  

Sometimes I wonder if humans would be a lot more interesting had they never learned to speak. The music on this CD is pretty nice in a sort of trip hop way but I wish people would just fucking SHUT UP FOR A MINUTE. 


Twenty Something - Sun Kil Moon & Jesu - YouTube



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