Waves by Dalham

You loved that Concretism record we put out didn't you? Well we're hoping you enjoy this too. Dalham is a mystery producer we found somewhere in the bowls of the internet who produces magnificently woozy electronics. Fans of Boards of CanadaUlrich Schnauss, Warp Records and sci-fi scores will soak this up. Magnificently saturated fading synth music to look out of windows to. Limited to 250 copies. Never to re-pressed.    

Limited Vinyl LP £13.99 PILOT16

Limited edition of 250 copies in reverse board sleeve.

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Waves by Dalham
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9/10 Clinton 05 April 2017

You know that time you are looking out of a window and want something to soundtrack it perfectly? Try Dalham. The UK producer blends a kind of slo-mo tape saturated 'tronica that would go well with concrete/beautiful countryside equally.

This is a thick soup of sci-fi influenced synth sounds mangled into varying textures that seem to be both metallic and soothing. There's a heavy Boards of Canada influence to tracks such as 'New Sun' but whereas Boards bring to mind shafts of light glinting through prisms, Dalham injects more of the dystopian post-concrete sounds of Ghost Box using an array of dazzling synth tomfoolery. It would be ridiculous of me to suggest that 'Waves' is better than Boards of Canada so let's say that I am enjoying it more than, say,  'Tomorrow's Harvest' to which it shares more than a hint of the same sonic footprints. Dalham uses similar John Carpenter/wonky 70's synth sounds to BOC's latest but the hooks here are meatier and the atmospheres hit harder. Beats here are nicely developed and set to 'skitter, the high water mark being the Vangelis/Tangerine Dream-like synths of 'CHK' combined with the sort of intricate micro-beats a Plaid or a Telefon Tel Aviv spends years programming.  

There's also similarities to the earlier Public House release by Concretism, 'Waves' lacks the winning and in vogue brutalist aesthetic and is instead dreamier, also the cheesier/70's children's TV themed melodies of many of the Ghost Box artists such as The Advisory Circle are omitted and instead Dalham concentrates on the sort of wobbly, wiggly dream like electronics that could soundtrack a half sleep with the late afternoon sun streaming through a half open window.     

9/10 The Doc 21st April 2017

Look here, right, I've just bought two month's worth of vinyl in the space of about a week, then my mate texts me to say there's a new Heroin In Tahiti album out for sale via Bandcamp, and now you're telling me there's another PHR release? Give me a break, people, I've got kids to feed for fuck's sake. Not to blow smoke up anyone's arse, but the standard of the Public House Records releases is so high that I pretty much buy them on sight now, without listening first or even knowing anything at all about the artist. This is yet more high quality stuff, a sort of sci-fi noir- edgy, doomy, claustrophobic electronica, like a soundtrack to some dystopian JG Ballard novel. The pieces are all pretty short, and if there IS a criticism it's that I wish the whole thing could be a bit longer, but the brooding soundscapes here are really atmospheric, the perfect soundtrack to driving around the shithole estates of inner-city Leeds in the pissing rain, which is what I seem to spend half of my working life doing. Highly recommended.


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