2017 is an exciting year for shoegazers old and new as veteran bands take advantage of the resurgence in the genre by making new albums that would have been laughed out of court if the year was 1996. Slowdive follow on from Ride in unleashing new music and though they have prosaically only managed to self-title it, this is the moment for anyone who has been waiting since 1995 for new material. 

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Slowdive by Slowdive
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9/10 Ian 05 May 2017

Well here I am again, resident Norman Records shoegaze expert settling myself down for a once every twenty odd years review of the new (yes new) Slowdive album. I slammed my name down on the desk to review this for two reasons, 1) I'm obviously a huge fan and 2) the rest of the whiny know-it-alls in the office (whom I love dearly of course) probably wouldn't give this album the respect it deserves so here goes. You all know the facts by now, darlings of the gaze scene back in the early nineties alongside Ride and MBV but by the end of 1994 things were changing and floppy fringes and effects pedals were being replaced by Adidas tracksuits and tabloid worthy rock and roll shenanigans, since then it seems all us gazers have grown old but never let go of what was a very special time in musical history and FINALLY Slowdive are getting the recognition they truly deserve. Opening track 'Slomo' is a perfect logical follow on from the more electronic experimentalism of 'Pygmalion', so it acts as a sort of refresher course for where they were at before it all dissolved so suddenly all those years ago, 'Star Roving' already feels like the anthem of the album and flows almost effortlessly into the Rachel vocal heavy 'Don't Know Why' and I'm already feeling like they've never been away, if you're looking for vintage Slowdive then look no further than 'Everybody Knows', I literally get goosebumps as the whoosh of guitar over Rachel's trademark breathy vocal soars through an incredibly catchy bassline, like an 'Alison' you can dance to.

The album as a whole has a really unpretentious feel to it, like they made this for the fans and not to garner any critics favour or end up on the cover of Wire magazine, it's Slowdive doing what they do best, 'No Longer Making Time' is classic sad Slowdive that would't sound out of place on their now lauded 1993 album Souvlaki and I guess the only really different sounding track for me is 'Go Get It' which has quite a pop sheen to it with an unusually (for Slowdive) accentuated chorus vocal, we finish off with the melancholy neo-classical 'Falling Ashes' which does nothing more than put a beautiful full stop at the end of a chapter in what lets hope is a 'Brighter' horizon.  

10/10 Gregor 9th May 2017

Fucking phenomenal.

10/10 god 5th May 2017

This is now the new music I have installed on the escalator ride up to heaven. The Led Zep classic was getting a bit old hat anyway. The music should make people feel euphoric and almost glad they died and have gone to heaven. I love this album and every song flows well into each other. Why the kids call it shoegaze I haven't got the foggiest !? It should be called gods spotify favourites because that is exactly what it is. I am god and this music is even better than that stuff the angels play for me on a friday night after bingo. We love it and you will enjoy the new escalator music on your way up here. So be good love everyone and make sure you get a ride up here and not down there. Peace and Love to all XXXXX . G.

1/10 Ian (Staff) Customer rating (no review), 26th May 2017
10/10 Th.K. Customer rating (no review), 18th May 2017
9/10 Mark Customer rating (no review), 18th May 2017
9/10 Magnus Customer rating (no review), 18th May 2017
9/10 James Customer rating (no review), 18th May 2017
8/10 Andrea Customer rating (no review), 18th May 2017



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