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Much like Take That, Ride were popular and much-loved in their earlier days and following a long hiatus made a successful comeback where one of them was wearing a hat. Here, finally are the first fruits of their new work which was rather unfathomably produced by DJ, producer and remix man Erol Alkan. How will these lords of shoegaze fare in middle age? We’ll find out soon.  

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Weather Diaries by Ride
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9/10 Ian 15 June 2017

Well I never thought I’d be sitting here in 2017 writing about a new Ride album because to say that they have been my favourite band for a long long time is an understatement really, back in my teen years my walls were strewn with posters of the boys in various pouting poses and I saw them live a few times back then and more since their reunion. Nostalgia aside though I was initially concerned about them writing new material after such a long time away, with Andy dipping his toes in the Oasis pool for a while and Mark going it alone it seemed like a lot of water had passed under the bridge of shoegaze so how could they possibly muster up that old magic in the studio? How wrong was I?!

Weather Diaries is a very special record indeed and contains enough equal parts of Ride’s entire back catalogue but with it’s feet still firmly in the now, Opening track ‘Lannoy Point’ really gets the blood flowing with an almost kraut like synth line and a motorik drum beat that reminds you just how much of a great drummer Loz Colbert really is, the now familiar ‘Charm Assault’ is Ride doing pop rock and sounds like the hyperactive offspring of ‘Black Nite Crash’ and ‘Twisterella’, by the time I’m at third track ‘All I Want’ I’m at the realisation that this album just isn’t going to disappoint me in the slightest and as I write these words I’m actually on my third listen in 24 hours. 'Cali' has Steve Queralt’s booming bass and one of the few Andy Bell vocals on the album which has a real 60’s psychedelic feel in the chorus, penultimate song ‘Impermanance’ is the nearest you’ll get to a shoegaze ballad with dual Mark/Andy vocal harmonies and classic Ride reverb.

There’s always been a lot of discussion as to how their final two albums 1994s Carnival Of Light and 1996s Tarantula pretty much killed any cool that Ride once had in buckets, that may be so but Weather Diaries is Ride proudly putting their mark back on a once forgotten chapter of indie rock history.

8/10 Phil Regan 15th June 2017

The question is, is it worth the wait. And the answer is a resounding yes. Despite the length of time since the infamous Tarantula (which really isn't as bad as people remember it being), Weather Diaries sounds fresh, inventive and genuinely enthralling in parts. What staggers me the most, is how young they sound as a band. Despite the dodgy, electronic voice effects of All I Want, it's a song that deserves to be a hit, both as a pop song, and an 'indie' song. The title track is a brilliant, brooding earthquake of a song, with a feedback ending that deservedly recalls those heady early EPs of that much younger floppy haired band. There are moments where the shine starts to tarnish a little though; Rocket Silver Symphony feels a bit B-Side filler, Lateral Alice rips off the Stooges and Spacemen 3's Revolution without bringing anything new to the table and Cali leaves me cold, a kind of poppy poor cousin of Twisteralla. And let's not mention their lyrics as, well, they never were their forte.

Fortunately the final trio of songs reaffirm your faith in the new twentieth century Ride with the experimental Integration Tape (like the noisy bit of OX4) and a couple of worthy, slower songs in Impermanence and White Sands. The latter in particular showing off some fantastic drumming by Loz and genuine affection for exploring new avenues of Ride's sound. I for one, am very glad they're back.

8/10 Andrew S Customer rating (no review), 2nd July 2017
9/10 Calum Customer rating (no review), 30th June 2017
7/10 Kevin Customer rating (no review), 29th June 2017



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