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Akatombo’s Short Fuse is a heavyweight electronic exploration of sheer texture and ferocious rhythms. Everything has been twisted and tweaked by Akatombo’s intuitive feel for sound processing. Short Fuse is spread across both a vinyl disc and a CD, pressed up in a rather limited edition of 250 by alt.vinyl.

Vinyl LP £16.99 av071

180g grey vinyl LP + CD on alt.vinyl. Edition of 250 copies.

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Short Fuse by Akatombo
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8/10 Laurie 30 March 2017

OK, there’s a running theme this week that is us doing reviews that we should have done ages ago. This is the ‘new’ Akatombo album that actually came out in late January so it’s basically ancient. Yet here we are, somehow still getting round to doing things, eventually.

On his latest one, Akatombo tries to tell us that he’s actually a really angry man. Dont fuck with the Paul Thomsen Kirk, he’ll blow his lid on you. Sometime, Never was a fun, noisy excursion into hardstomp beats whose obscene but hypnotic rumble was a refreshing listen in backwards land. The heavy industrial skank continues on Short Fuse a record that occasionally teases, saying yeah, I’ll play nice, listen to this funny little jingle before a wall of distortion blarghs onto you. He has a similar use of sampling and noise as Shit & Shine and Muslimgauze, with a tinge of humour akin to the former too. Add a bit of Lakker to that as well and you’d be close.

Obviously the trick starts to wear off after a while, but luckily it’s broken up with more minimal, wispy numbers like ‘George Kaplan’ that are like the troubled ghosts of dub music and musique concrete meeting in limbo. ‘Haarp! The Herald’ is an excellent wonky brittle rhythm, despite all the mind control paranoia. So yeah, fans of Shit & Shine, Throbbing Gristle etc, have a good time here buddies!


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