Distress Distress by 10,000 Russos

10,000 Russos cast another album of darkly fuzzed-up psych-rock into the world. This one is distinguished by its techno-industrial throb and the tendency to push the echoed vocals so far back in the mix you feel like it might be bleeding through from the other side of the record. 10,000 Russos’ second album Distress Distress is released by Fuzz Club.

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Distress Distress by 10,000 Russos
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7/10 Laurie 27 April 2017

‘I am useless’ - Mr 10000 Russos, track 1. 

My weekly pile of reviews has gone from ‘exactly my shit’ to ‘kinda related to what I like’ to ‘lets just give him all the psych now instead of Robin’ (ahem...as well as Robin - overloaded with psych editor). Now this wouldn’t be a problem if I had actually followed the psych wave instead of listening to fractured electronic tones for the last 3 years, but here I am, at the mercy of all you space folks.

Anyway enough about me, here’s this group of music characters called ‘10000 Russos’ (no idea), who play the dirge rock in a stomping and grinding style. Oh, there are riffs. There are even licks if you listen for long enough, but you’ll have to get past more than a few repetitions to get there. Here is the general equation for the psych rock drummer: beat = “k k s k ” * inf, where k = kick, s = snare, and inf means forever, or until you have to take another hit from the bong. Nothing wrong with a bit of repetition obviously, however sometimes that lil counterpart called variation is neglected.

It’s a gloomy take on the sound, sorta on the border with industrial due in part to some echoing, distorted vocal takes. This is serious downcast guitar at its dirgiest. Fans of the ‘Club will not be disappointed, I’m sure the Heads are also big fans. They even try their hand at techno ish stuff on the 2nd track, which kinda works. Goodbye.



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