Originally marketed by subversive Illumantus'esque print media adds in counter culture publications of the late seventies. The ambiguous Pythagoron™ was presented as a mind altering consciousness rehabilitating sonic narcotic. Believed to be the work of the equally ambiguous early media arts collective USCO (The Company Of Us) based in New York city. This minimalist experimentation can potentially be placed in a paradigm somewhere between prog, psych, sine and drone wave. This electronic oddity receives a reissue faithful to the original on vinyl with artwork printed on a silver cover and in a limited run of 500 copies.

Limited Vinyl LP £23.99 LPS192

Limited reissue LP + insert with replica original silver artwork. Edition of 500 copies.

  • Limited edition
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Pythagoron™ by Pythagoron™
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8/10 Ant 17 May 2017

We all know that drugs are pretty useful for getting high, right? But what about sound? It’s certainly possible to reach altered states through sound. Records, unlike drugs are reusable so once you’ve caned it, there’s no need to call you dealer. You can just put the record on again and again. This LP, in many ways was sort of a precursor to the whole Binaural Beats thing. Originally issued way back in 1977 with the following text on the back of the sleeve “Pythagoron is not just music-but sound controlled with electronic precision to alter your awareness, to get you high. Developed through years of research into the resonant interaction of sound and brainwave patterns, Pythagoron sound is unique in concept and production.”

So like music to get you high. Far out. Does it work? Probably, but I don’t have a copy of the vinyl to hand and I’ve always struggled with getting loaded off of YouTube rips. And speaking of rips - the word on the street is that this reissue has been ripped from an original vinyl copy, so if that sort of thing troubles you then you basically don’t have many options -- tracking down an original which will cost top dollar and still have the surface noise etc. inherent with vinyl, track down a CDr on Creel Pone which is also ripped off vinyl or go try and get wasted over on YouTube. I mean, if the masters aren’t around then what ya gonna do?

If you dig the psychedelic effects of the most potent drone music and are willing and able to let go then I reckon you could well be buzzing your tits off to this, and rest assured the note on the sleeve reads "PYTHAGORON™ brings you to a different place."™ Like whoa!


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