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Scald Rougish drops a new LP on the Ge-stell label, and it arrives laden with full-on Autechreisms: check out ‘N(U()(_{C}SyfR(‘ for a track title! Idioal Oifrmech also throbs and clicks with the same kind of intensive convolutions as that duo, building up a dense wall of abstract un-dance music.

Limited Vinyl LP £21.99 Ge-stell 07

Limited edition U.S. import, 150g black vinyl LP on Ge-stell. Housed in full colour, direct-to-board jacket with gloss varnish finish. (AKA Chris Douglas, Dalglish, Seaes, Rook Vallade etc.).

  • Limited edition
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Idioal Oifrmech by Scald Rougish
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9/10 Ant Staff review, 15 March 2017

It’s been around four years or so since we last heard from Chris Douglas (Dalglish / Seaes / Rook Vallade) operating as Scald Rougish. All previous releases under that name were released via ICASEA - the latest ‘Idioal Oifrmech’ is the first Scald Rougish release to be pressed up on vinyl and is out via Ge-Stell. This is his second release for that particular label - the first being the ‘Dorcha Aigeann’ EP from 2014.

Full disclosure: Despite the fact that I find Chris Douglas’ work consistently brilliant - I fucking dread writing about it. To explain why, I’ll quote David Lynch:

"It's a dangerous thing to say what a picture is. If things get too specific, the dream stops. There are things that happen sometimes that open a door that lets you soar out and feel a bigger thing. Like when the mind gets involved in a mystery. It's a thrilling feeling. When you talk about things, unless you're a poet, a big thing becomes smaller."

Often when I listen to electronic music there’s this lingering sense that behind it all is an artist and some machines. But that certainly hasn’t happened to me while listening to ‘Idioal Oifrmech’ and for that matter never does when I’m listening to any of this artist's work. That’s what separates this stuff from other contemporary electronic/ electroacoustic music - you become absorbed by the sound to the point where you feel like you’re actually a part of this living thing - despite the fact that this music is synthetic, it feels ever so alive and you join this remarkable alien ecosystem that lies somewhere between the hidden worlds of micro organisms and quantum physics. It feels like an environment beyond our three perceptible dimensions - a gateway into hidden realms outside of our normal perception - beyond the microscope or telescope, beyond drugs and altered states - tapping into forces which ultimately must exist inside humans - this was after all created by a human being. Through this unique musical language something inexplicable is communicated as though messages were encoded beneath the complexity of the surface. I’m still currently decoding the emotional impact of this stellar record. In the meantime I’ll offer another Lynch quote:

“I don't know why people expect art to make sense when they accept the fact that life doesn't make sense."


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