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Teengirl Fantasy’s new album is titled 8AM, and you’d better believe it isn’t about the kind of 8AMs where you’ve got up bright and early in order to get to work on time. No, this is post-rave all-nighter 8AM music, playing with the spaced bliss of that mode with chilled out grooves and bright melodies. Dreamy after-club electronics released by Planet Mu.

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8AM by Teengirl Fantasy
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8/10 Laurie 22 March 2017

Well I just reviewed some dirgey psych rock miscellany so never before have I been more excited to listen to a Planet Mu release. Home again. Gotta say though, probably should have listened to 7AM at some point in order to get this. Probably should have listened to Teengirl Fantasy before this, but they’ve got a stupid name so I didn’t. Soz geezers. What would you know of the fantasies of teengirls anyway??

OK less of the grouchiness plz. 8AM is a record about the most beautiful of comedowns, with the press release waxing lyrical about being transfixed by sunlight gleaming through the curtains while the ‘last-night feeling’ hasn’t worn off yet. Luckily this is where the musical magic happens too, where artists are influenced by the club world with its plethora of synthy and sampled textures and beats all whirled into a lighter, more calm emotional aesthetic. Slices of vocals flicker over deep synth pads while some plucked instrument plinks lightly. Textures melt to dribbling ecstasy, beats don’t insist on anything but laying back and breathing in some fresh air.

It’s sort of like the album that Synkro should have made in 2015, with far more imaginative, modern sound design and not sounding watered down. Sorry, that’s vague, I’m out of words. It has elements of Oneohtrix Point Never’s take on synths, with choral organ tones scudding across the ears, and Konx-om-Pax’s hacked club sounds. Yummy.

6/10 The Doc 7th April 2017

Took a total punt on this and ALMOST hit the jackpot.....You know those Saturday mornings when you've spent the night gurning your face off and hugging everyone you can get your hands on, then spent a couple of hours talking to a plantpot in the garden like it's your long lost brother, then at that point someone decides to ring their man and everyone just carries on till Monday? It's an album about that, and they've got the vibe nailed. It stops and starts, speeds up and slows down, sounds fade in it out, alternating from dense textures to delicate, spacey instrumentals, with some deep dub grooves and a bit of edgy techno thrown in for good measure. Top stuff. Unfortunately, plonked in the middle of the second side is a cheesy Euro house vocal number, sung through a vocoder, complete with "I just want to listen to your heart" lyrics and a 2Unlimited "Baby let's just do it rap" thrown in for good measure. Just when you're getting really deep into the groove, it breaks the spell and it's very difficult to come back from it, even though the rest of the side is packed with top-drawer, trippy instrumentals. It is, frankly, fucking awful and completely ruins the record. Without it, this could have been a minor classic, but it just left a sour taste in the mouth for me. Boooooo.


  • 8AM by Teengirl Fantasy


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