I II by Bossk

I / II is an album by Bossk first released in 2008 that resides at the pinnacle of the post-rockers catalogue. These are thoughtful compositions that take their sweet time building up intricate webs of guitar and rhythm. I / II is reissued on vinyl by Holy Roar, available in both standard and ‘Seafoam Green In Snot Green’ (yum!) coloured vinyl, while limited stocks last.

Vinyl LP £16.99 HRR171V

Standard 'Dr Green Thumb' vinyl reissue LP on Holy Roar.

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Limited Vinyl LP £16.99 HRR171CIC

Limited indies only 'Seafoam Green In Snot Green' vinyl, reissue LP on Holy Roar. Edition of 200 copies.

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  • Limited edition
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I II by Bossk
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8/10 Robin 02 March 2017

On this here record, Bossk have not only proved they can count to two -- they have also made a very good record. A post-metal band that slither their tunes into place with the slow, doomy patience most only achieve by years of practice or by being Godspeed You! Black Emperor, they stand with pride by their crystalline guitars, excited drums and precisely introduced bouts of distortion and discordance. Bossk are the kind of band you can imagine reading from a blueprint -- theirs is a climax won by a whole lot of tactical genius.

We often throw post-metal out to mean the overdriven, heavy stuff that nonetheless comes from the same source as Explosions In The Sky, but with Bossk it’s a little different: get six or so minutes into “I” and you’ll hear some fucking riffs, the song breaking down into a galloping march of doomy riffs and crunchy back and forths. In this way, their music is actually a little bit like the latest Godspeed album or A Silver Mt Zion record, though heavier and more gruesome in tone. Their overall presentation might remind you more of This Will Destroy You, but they might actually destroy you -- and then lament the whole thing with a guilty as fuck and extremely crying melody.

They play together so nicely as a band that it rarely sounds anything but seamless, which is a feat considering how pretty and sparse their music can be one minute and how hatefully riffed it might the next. I’ve gotta say there’s a riff on “II” that makes me think System of a Down would be even more amazing pitched down a few times -- Bossk bring the heavy and amazingly fun to a genre full of the stuffy, and having just watched a whole documentary about Metallica recording St. Anger, I’m all for that.

9/10 Gregor 18th February 2017

I didn't know much about these lads until this preorder graced Norman's preorder page (now, now, it's a re-issue, so I've listened to it). Well, it's fucking great. Along with Audio Noir, you have a post-rock/metal band that doesn't strain or become bloated after a while. The vocals are unobtrusive as well, since I hate unnecessary screaming, but here, they're adequate and well-timed.

It's hard to believe they haven't released much apart from these two EPs and their debut album Audio Noir, but in a market oversaturated with these types of bands, Bossk successfully fails to sound derivative. Good stuff.



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