V by AHC

An unusual release here from Alex Cooper / Body Boys / AHC. The (darkly brooding electronic) music of V is presented on a USB card housed in a black metal alloy carapace with laser etching… which is itself housed inside ‘heavyweight’ card packaging. Quite an ensemble! All courtesy of Vanilla.

Poster £19.99 VAN003

Laser Etched / Black Metal Alloy USB Card Art Edition from Alex Cooper aka Body Boys - with heavyweight A4 artwork/packaging.

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  • V by AHC


V by AHC
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9/10 Ant 16 March 2017

I’ve always felt like the USB stick is really under used as a vessel for music - sure there are plenty of crappy gimmicky ones out there, but when it’s done properly and it’s appropriate for the music, I think they can be quite beautiful objects. This AHC USB stick is a case in point; a laser etched / black metal alloy USB card art edition from Alex Cooper aka Body Boys - with heavyweight A4 artwork/packaging. For those that haven’t clocked it - this has been released by Vanilla - the label responsible for the synapse sizzling ‘Government’ art edition CD by Basic House.

Listening to the music and looking at the medium, it all seems to make perfect sense i.e the sound really belongs on and is part of the object - it feels like the perfect vehicle - a mysterious industrial looking artefact that belonged to some kind of corporation - sent back in time with encoded messages from the future. 

Opening track ‘0f003’ really enforces that aesthetic - a cinematic, eerie mood setter that seems to be transmitting some sort of secret code - the message partially obscured by glitches and corrupted data. From here things become even more disrupted and fragmented as though the message has been further eroded in transit - all the while a sense of Artificial life is communicating something of paramount importance - possibly national security or the fate of mankind -- there’s an unsettling vibe that lives are at stake. It’s this sort of hidden narrative that makes this release super intriguing and sets it apart from some of its roots in radical computer music as peddled by early Mego, OR, Farmers Manual, Hecker etc. ‘Zero intensity’ relays a sense of hope - as though a missing person, loved one or child had gone missing and it were a message from the future that they were alive and well. ‘Inter1_exp’ is like a glimpse inside some sort of alien plant or lab where strange entities are going about their daily grind. ‘a’ similarly relays images of beings interacting with droning machines. Just when the imagination is building images and scenarios, closing track ‘e_d’ throws things off course somewhat - becoming more scrambled and in turn even more inscrutable and cryptic.

Thoroughly compelling stuff - Limited to a measly 30 copies - with high resolution audio.


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