Pure Comedy by Father John Misty

Here he comes again 'The Dancing Man' whose varied folk stylings on 'I Love You Honeybear' sent him from folk also-ran to beard of a generation. That album's mix of confessional songwriting, daring lyricism and evocative and diverse production made it more than just another folk album. I wonder how many songs on this much anticipated follow up are about his wife?  

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Pure Comedy by Father John Misty
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3/10 Robin 04 April 2017

Stop telling me Father John Misty sounds like Elton John. I don’t care; that doesn’t make him good. That’s just a comparison. You can’t just tell me a thing is like another thing and add a quantifier to it. Father John Misty is terrible and having a slow piano is not going to make him meaningful. He is terrible and ever since he discovered mushrooms he’s been actively terrible -- like, he’s actually trying to suck. J. Tillman did some very good, extremely cliched folk albums; since then he’s been pointing at a graph of exponential tomfoolery that began with ‘Fear Fun’, got amped up on ‘Honeybear’ and now has exploded into the sun with ‘Pure Comedy’.

Okay I’ve only listened to the record’s lamentable opening track so far so let’s see if this holds up. Yes, it does: he stops being Elton straight away and does a song about having sex with Taylor Swift that he almost sounds embarrassed to be singing -- so fucked is his persona that he races through his lyrics before he can remember they need adjusting. He makes me hate country twang -- how is that possible? He makes easy listening horn sections sound detestable -- how is that possible? Things slow back the fuck down on “Things It Would Be Helpful to Know Before the Revolution”, where he pretends he’s not boring by doing another trite old-school ballad that’s as half pace as his raison d’etre. For someone who claims to hate pop music with a passion, he sure as hell can’t write it for himself.

The whole thing just sorta lulls itself to sleep from there, with the almost nice “Leaving LA” bleeding into the pretty strums and lilting bass of “A Bigger Paper Bag”. It’s the most liked by me section of the album by far, before he returns to quasi-meaningful piano laments that sound like Elton John but practice a level of political existentialism as keen as Ed Sheeran. Unfortunately a lot of the record sounds very nice, but is so coated with impossibly watery production or really fucking bad lyrics, that I’m happy to continue being salty about the whole project of Tillman. Shout out “Two Wildly Different Perspectives” and its ability to remind us that people have different perspectives on things -- if you BNM this album you have to BNM my Year 10 creative writing homework.

7/10 Steve 11th July 2017

I was swayed by his glastonbury appearance even though I witnessed it from the couch. Unfortunately it doesn't deliver like his previous album and maybe it requires repeated listening for his genius to arise.

This will no doubt be the case as I need to stop buying records every few days and give this my full attention



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