Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin by Julie's Haircut

Experimental sound explorers from northern Italy have been pushing the unknown sonic weirdness since the mid 90s, heavily influenced by the soundscape freedoms of Spacemen 3 and My Bloody Valentine, whilst holding onto a constant and enticingly repetitive kraut groove back bone. Get lost, good and proper.

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Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin by Julie's Haircut
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7/10 Robin 16 February 2017

When I was just a young boy, my father came to me and said, “you will probably end up being able to recognise whether an album’s going to be psych rock from its opening two seconds of bass”. I guess he was right. It is in the favour Julie’s Haircut that they are so recognisable as a psych rock band: they not only have their influences down to a tee -- from the krauty oldies to the Fuzz Club newbies -- they also have that imitable feel of psych rock: they suggest repetition and deviation before they’ve even done it, sprinkling their plans through in the atmosphere for you to absorb.

All things considered, their sound is pretty fresh, adapting the old-school for whoever wants to play it. They open on “Zukunft”, a song that grooves its way towards a jazzy saxophone improvisation and a twinkling guitar meander. Their whirring, kinda randomly played keys, set to a Goblin-esque organ set, mingle with disparate whispers on “The Fire Sermon”, suggesting that thing Can did when they wanted you to listen in as if they were telling a secret (they weren’t). It’s all about building that scene, and hooking you into it, is this psychedelia -- the structure can be damned, and so Julie’s Haircut mostly let their rhythm section stride on as they like.

The noisier moments are the best, aren’t they? They always are, and “Deluge” feels like a total crash into the abyss, the band murmuring beneath like they couldn’t care less that each member is deviating into whatever they want to do -- the sax loses it, the guitars sway and the drums tinker. A classic psychedelic broth, with a few twisted ingredients, makes Julie’s Haircut a fun thing indeed.

7/10 Andrea Customer rating (no review), 5th October 2017


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