A by t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者

Though it appears hard to unpack, t e l e p a t h’s A in fact does exactly what it purports to. The ‘A’ in question is a girl, a girl in a dream, and ‘Dream Girl’ - yep, that’s right, it’s the soundtrack to the artist’s telepathic communion with her. An 11-minute wash of half-grooves, spacey synths and shimmering, constellatory bloops, it’s very easy to get lost in this one. Out as a white vinyl.

Vinyl 12" £15.49 DREAM_222

White vinyl 12" EP on Dream Catalogue. Edition of 1000 copies.

Sold out.


  • A by t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者


A by t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
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8/10 Laurie 21 December 2016

After reading the press release, scoffing loudly, and turning to the trusty NR staff for some real information, I’ve been told that this t e l e p a t h folk is a vaporwave guy who likes to slow tracks down to 55 minutes, sandwich them between 3 minute tracks, merge them with Japanese culture and then profit. Like any true vapor, he’s mostly done self-released stuff, but occasionally drops stuff on Dream Catalogue whose catalogue is too lengthy and dreamy to even start describing.

Dreamy. Mmm. That’s the word for this. The first track’s called ‘Dream Girl’, and wow there’s some dream here. Some real late 80s / full 90s chill ambient flutter. It features heavy use of a safe-era Tangerine Dream plucked synth sound followed by a stretched trail of bubbling deliciousness to douse yourself in before entering the ‘Enchanting Mist’, which like its name hangs in the air without many discernible elements jumping out, just a constant cloud that’s probably go down well with a nice bath. And some bath salts. Or a bomb. Or whatever the hell else you drop into the bath.

The most vaporous track on here has to be the 14-minute ‘Breathe’, that features those warm loungey chords and digital sheen that brings up mental images of Commodore 64s rising out of the ocean at sundown while a bust of Plato watches with bemusement. There’s a subtle squidgy synth bass going on under there somewhere, occasionally poking out of the water to headbutt a sentient hard drive. It’s so chill, like Steve Jobs’ 90s zen garden. Fabulous.


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