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Jung An Tagen is a complex, ever-morphing project that buzzes away in Vienna’s Virtual Institute, engaging with video art as much as it develops its own sound pallette. Das Fest Der Reichen is an album-length presentation of the project’s strange synthetic sound-worlds, marshalled by Stefan Juster. Out on Editions Mego.

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Das Fest Der Reichen by Jung An Tagen
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8/10 Laurie Staff review, 27 October 2016

Some new experimental electronic madness here on Editions Mego from Vienna-based digital multimedia artist Jung An Tagen, or Stefan Juster to his pals. He’s based in a building called the Virtual Institute, which might not even be a building at all. Still, the press release has already used the words ‘aleatoric’, ‘haptic’ and ‘synesthesia’ which are highbrow terms that have rarely left research institutes so Juster is definitely wearing his scholarly background on his sleeve.

Das Fest Der Reichen seems to have two modes so far. The first is a sort of total abandonment of all things rhythmic and melodic in favour of weird electroacoustic sound-morphing which can be heard in the short interlude tunes and as pepper at the beginning/end of longer tracks. Maybe a bit in the middle. Second to that is the hypnotic polyrhythmic arpeggio loops of tracks like ‘Lasst Los, Jeder Immer’ which borrow more from techno but pulls it apart, leaving out all the instant gratification of kick drums and the like. Our promo mp3 copy proclaims ‘Unknown Genre’ - sounds about right.

I’ve set out these two poles for the sound but they really start to crossover at 5th track ‘Die Hand…’, which is like kosmische music played by a mad scientist, the spitting synth notes speeding up and slowing down constantly, keeping you on edge while changing between a few sci-fi chords. But the ending. OH the ending is ridiculous, overwhelming, and destructive. A must listen. This segues into some very intense data noise that’s even sharper than that white noise thing; help. The final track I will mention is the one featuring his buddies Raju Arara and Ensemble Economique who combine to make an unsettling battle between Mario and that smoke monster thing from Lost.


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