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180g vinyl LP on LTR Records, in tip-on gatefold sleeve.

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Critter Party by Dan Hayhurst
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8/10 Ant 20 October 2016

For those of you that don’t know, Mr. Hayhurst handles the sonic side of things as 50% of Sculpture (Digitalis, Dekorder, Software etc.) while Reuben Sutherland handles the visual side of things.
Remember Critters? That 80’s flick with those horrible little bastards that were like shit Gremlins. Sounds like a bunch of them snuck into Dan Hayhurst’s studio for a jam and a wee knees-up. Imagine that... A gang of ugly little evil furballs skinning up and spilling Special Brew on his clobber. Rather than harnessing the power of a sawn-off shotgun to blow their repulsive little faces off, the charitable Hayhurst managed to tame said micro-beasts, working alongside them to compose the very record we have here.

Like all of the previous Sculpture material I’ve heard before, this is great fun. The first tune ‘Vying’ is something like a malfunctioning dot matrix printer dry humping a ZX spectrum while a tiny African drum ensemble are inside playing at double speed. ‘Great Day Atonal Soda’ is super cute, hypnotic toytown techno that sounds like it’s being played by blue Lego elephants and a tiny clockwork dolphin. ‘Library Raid’ sounds like a bunch of plundered and manipulated, backwards warping samples being munched and spewed out by Buck Rodgers vertically challenged metal sidekick Tweaky.

‘Proliferating Ulm’ has an 8-bit/ chiptune bleeping melody jazzing away over swishy metallic drums and partially suffocated kick drum. ‘Polyphase’ is a marvelously deranged mess of swirling, sped-up samples that initially sound chaotic but settle into an irresistible cartoon funk groove. If you heard it on acid your brain would implode. In fact the general feel of the album is something like walking through Toon Town tripping balls.
‘Fern Gang’ gets going with some radiophonic blooping and whatnot, gently becoming animated with synthetic avian language and soothing layered strings. Just as things are chill, some demonically possessed reel to reel starts ejaculating spools of tape slime all over the bloody shop. ‘Azo’ is something like a contact mic recording of a rasta duck eating some car keys while jamming sci-fi dub being transmitted through deep space. Finally ‘Unravelling’ sounds like your record collection shattered into tiny fragments and precariously glued back together and spun on a barely functioning old gramophone.

Feels like my soul has ejected my body and is now stuck forever in Sesame Street, with big bird force feeding me pizzas caked in psilocybin mushrooms. And who wouldn’t want that from an LP? However, I think I need to go and have a lie down.


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