Harder From Here by Hidden Charms

Listening to Hidden Charms, one has the feeling that they could tip over into full-blown cosmic psych-rock jams at any moment. Certainly they have the riffs and the fuzz to do so. But they have just as much rock & roll to them as they do psych, and Harder From Here holds the balance nicely. 12” on Deltasonic.

Vinyl 12" £4.99 DSR16V8

12" EP on Deltasonic.

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Harder From Here by Hidden Charms
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7/10 Robin 21 December 2016

Quick EP of melodramatic hypnosis here from Hidden Charms, who do not fuck about when it comes to the very cosmic act of getting to the point. Their psychedelia is quickly established and thoroughly autopilot, with three minute pop songs that compact the riffage, high-pitched squealing and hard rock harmonies into one tight spot. On “I Just Wanna Be Left Alone”, they open on a circular lil’ riff and let it go through the drain a few times before getting in on a super repetitive chorus and a couple more squeaky guitar tribulations.

It kinda sounds like something I’d hear on a particularly rowdy episode of Sound of the Sixties, but this hard rock romp gets a little more chaotic on tunes like “I Don’t Mind”, which kinda reminds me of Floyd’s “Money” with a sludgier pace, a euphoric choir and a climactic burst of distortion. “Harder from Here” is a lovely acoustic sendoff with a humble strum, a hearty twang and a bit of flute. Old-school, pal. Have they come from the past to warn us about the future.


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