Their previous album 'Revelation' was to my mind one of the finest of their career so we are all hoping that the Brian Jonestown Massacre's late renaissance continues with this their 15th studio album. Anton hasn't exactly been sat around in the meantime, there's been tours, albums with Tess Parks, the 'Mini Album Thingy Wingy' and lots more besides. When the dust settles Brian Jonestown should be rights be voted one of the best bands of this generation.  

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Third World Pyramid by The Brian Jonestown Massacre
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8/10 Jamie 25 October 2016

In this crazy world we’re bombarded by a constant stream of information, misinformation and Shiny New Things. In a NR reviewer’s world, we are showered with new / old musics. Sometimes it’s welcome, sometimes it’s not; often, though we just don’t know. Well I don’t know. So it’s good to know that some things don’t change… or they take their time about it. Anton Newcombe has been making his world of music prolifically and steadily, dropping new albums on us at the rate of a moderately leaking kitchen tap that nobody can bother to fix. His fifteenth record as BJM may well be one of his best.

Tess Parks features here and her voice introduces the record against desert soundscape of picked acoustic guitar cellos and flute. What a pretty and bittersweet opener ‘Good Mourning’ is. Pretty if you like gothic tones and instrumentation, that is. I do, thankyouverymuch. ‘Don’t Get Lost’ is a lovely, elegiac and country-sounding dark rocker. ‘Assignment Song’ opens with guitars that remind me instantly of The Bends-era Radiohead but develops into dark country-psych as before, and it’s beautiful. There could well be a mellotron and a moog on ‘Oh Bother’. Yes. It lends a ‘Wild West’ feel to the haunting melodies Anton does so well. There’s a -- I’ll say it -- feeling of the cinematic here.

There are rapid jams too; a nod to Joy Division on the post-punk-with-breathy vocals of ‘Third World Pyramid’. Plenty to delight the fans here and gain new heads to the fold. That’s a wrap.

8/10 CollectorCharlie 3rd November 2016

I had the pleasure of seeing Anton and his ever-revolving cast of band members in September, at the Desert Daze festival. They played quite a few tracks from the "soon-to-be released" album, and what I heard raised my expectations to an unrealistic level. The disconnect, or cognitive dissonance when I first listened to the vinyl was palpable. There I am, just placing the needle on the first groove to sit down and listen to the whole album. After the 40 or so minutes, I couldn't help but feeling underwhelmed as my expectations were so high! I am positive if I had gone and listened to this vinyl without hearing them play it live, I would have liked it more.

I still like it, and it has grown on me slowly the way ivy creeps over a wall, surrounds it, eventually suffocating it (thankfully I'm not at that point yet). I've been a huge BJM and Anton fan since before I can remember, so full disclosure he can do no wrong in my eyes. Third World Pyramid was not able to fully capture the frenetic energy and chaos that is a live BJM show, and I can't fault it for that. Being the real follow-up to Revelation (LP, not 10"'s or Tess Parks "collaborations"), it is a good album, but doesn't hold up to Revelation. I know Anton's all about artistic expression, not giving a fuck about anything/anyone, and being totally independent. But this time he should have given a couple of fucks more. 8/10.

If you like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, you're gonna buy this album no matter what, but if you've never heard of them, I strongly encourage you to spend one hours worth of pay for a record who's permanency will long outlast and rise above musical genres. Quit reading this, and buy the damned thing! Even though I sometimes shat over it, it is truly a great record worth every penny or pence.

9/10 Tim Customer rating (no review), 23rd November 2016



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