Soy Dios by Dead Sea Apes

Psychedelic buddies Dead Sea Apes peak their heads over the pennines and decide to contribute an extra bout of hypno-action for Cardinal Fuzz. Soy Dios is as cosmic as you like it, using the standard broth of aggressively monotonous guitar jams and interluding drone to create a remote, ponderous sound for lovers of the distorted abyss. In space, nobody can hear you etcetera.

Vinyl LP £9.99 SLR001 / CF064

LP + insert on Cardinal Fuzz / Sky Lantern.

Sold out.



Soy Dios by Dead Sea Apes
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7/10 Jamie 27 September 2016

Dead Sea Apes: a Manchester band offer us something undeniably psychedelic and unavoidably cosmic. Let’s let the space synonyms fly. In fact I’m reviewing this album from the vinyl record, because -- wait for it -- in space, nobody can hear you stream. (Note to self: that wasn’t good). That’s now out of my system and out of the way, early on. Great.

The guitars sound epic, but you knew that already... They’re always there and always big. The record package comes in four compartments. So ‘Soy Dios (I)’ ends on a final wail of distortion and reverb with plenty of time for you to inwardly digest the full drama and take a breather before launching into the second course, which they call ‘Soy Dios II’. Which comes in on a slowly emerging tide of drone before the abyssal bass and wall of guitar fuzz conspire to threaten an awakening from our torpor. Yes, there are thrills and spills to be found within this record’s grooves.

The thing about hypno-jams, though, is this: they threaten to go on forever; but, like space apparently, they are not boundless. Those drones do stretch out, however: on ‘Soy Dios III’ the dissonance extends and unfurls its tendrils. Or circles a black hole approaching its closest point of orbit. Perhaps. I dunno. Drone. Space. I haven’t got a clue what instruments are playing anymore. I thought I just heard a sax/piano hybrid. Huh. The last jam of the four is nice. Ponderous bass and twangy guitar are somewhere in the mire. Marvellous.

7/10 JONATHAN Customer rating (no review), 26th December 2017


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