One Day by Akira Kosemura

A new sleepytime CD via Schole sees Akira Kosemura improvise fluid piano pieces, procuring a warmth after Frahm and Thomas Koner albeit with a very different approach. These pieces were recorded on Kosemura's old family piano and connect to his musical excursions as a child, reflected in the abiding sentimentality of this work. One Day will no doubt be... nice.

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One Day by Akira Kosemura
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8/10 Clinton 08 September 2016

Exquisite composer Akira Kosemura sat down one afternoon in his childhood home and composed the ten pieces that make up this latest album. He then set about recording them but not before dashing out to the shops to grab a bag of cotton wool to place over the microphone. This is so dusty and muffled sounding that it sounds like he's hitting the keys with lambs wool mittens. I've never had the volume turned up this high on the CD and still I'm not picking up much.  

What does enter it's way into my cranium is a wonderful sound that would be perfect sleepy time music for insomniacs. However he's treated this piano, you hear the sound of the notes coming down just as loudly as the hammers hitting the strings so it's a very evocative if hard to reach. When he comes up with a linear melody as on the extremely pretty 'Foe' the effect is intoxicating. 

What a lovely soft album. I feel like it's wrapping me up in the worlds softest pyjamas, putting a hot water bottle in and bidding me goodnight. 

9/10 Damian Carter 15th September 2016

OK, so I drive for about 30 minutes to work each morning, early. Normally I bounce along in my 15 year old Punto to the b-side of Purple Rain through the booming sound system (built-in sub-woofer came as standard don't you know?), it seems to fit the length of journey perfectly and it makes for not a bad journey.

This morning I felt mental, lets go for something a little more serene with Akira, and my life feels changed. This album is clemently clement, but not in a dull way, the best description I have is aural Valium.

Drivers who cut me up got a mental 'pfft, call that cutting me up', sitting at 50mph to avoid hitting that dodgy burning smell was a perfect floating speed, the lady who sits alone on the bench each morning had a friend today, and coming through the end of a tunnel to be faced with a burning red sunrise felt like emerging from the birth canal once again... Even the fumes from under the viaduct (most polluted place in Brighton) where pigeons hang lifeless from the netting above seemed to cleanse my lungs this morning.

What does it sound like? Like Akira Kosemura playing beautiful piano quietly, so quietly you hear everything within the piano and more - not one to try and stay awake to, but one to bathe in and bumble along to - perfect for headphones and a busy supermarket trip! The sort of thing you wanted Nils Frahm to release before he found electricity.



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