Burma Camp is the electronic side project of The KVB, a male/female duo that blend shoegaze and minimal electronics. Burma Camp’s self-titled cassette is somewhat different mixing techno, drones and electro, wrapping them up in a heavy industrial blanket. Cassette only, limited to 50 copies on Clan Destine.

Limited Tape £4.99 CDR-TP-038

Limited cassette on Clan Destine. Edition of 50 copies.

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Burma Camp by Burma Camp
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8/10 Ant 08 September 2016

The KVB premiered their Burma Camp guise back in 2013 with a 10-inch on Shifted’s Avian sister label Mira… and then nothing. I couldn’t be happier to have these guys back in full on dystopia mode. Welcome to the soundtrack of the impending apocalypse.
I’m unsure how into this the average fan of The KVB would be, but although it’s a different musical language/ vehicle i.e droning monochrome techno, there’s a common aesthetic, particularly the use of f/x. If I close my eyes both Burma Camp and The KVB take me into a common world.

After the unsettling drones of opener ‘The Unquiet Grave’ were sucked down into the rabbit hole with the brilliant suffocating industrial techno of ‘Imposter’ and into scenes of crumbling abandoned future buildings and decaying wastelands where the machines have taken over - like some Terminator future type shit. Then there’s the rattling metallic percussion and caustic acid of ‘Without Reason’. ‘Strain’ is a heads down, tunneling, peak time grubby techno stormer - like being pelted with asteroids and meteors under the strobe light.
‘Industry’ is a tasty slab of Traversable Wormhole flavoured sci-fi techno, and then... Phwoarrr! ‘Accra’ kicks like an almighty olde Belgian techno monster on steroids. This will tear the living shit out of a dancefloor - utter bloody filth! ‘Even This River’ is a hypnotic, spacey electro-creeper that makes way for the menacing dark ambient of ‘Unquiet Grave Pt 2’ before closer ‘Job In Hand’ comes blaring out the speakers at me like some possessed Pac-Man ghosts intent on chomping my face off. Not a huge fan of the last tune but all in all - worra freakin’ tape!


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