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Sweet Williams are one of Brighton’s finer guitar-based bands, and they’ve now clocked up a second full-length LP. Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight has Thomas House leading his crew into a full array of tightly-coiled songs, with plenty of blasted heft and sharp howl to go around. This is the good stuff. Edition of 500 180g LPs from Gringo Records and Faux Discx.

LP £14.49 WAAT062LP

180g vinyl LP in reverse board sleeve on Gringo Records / Faux Discx. Edition of 500 copies.

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Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight by Sweet Williams
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8/10 Clinton Staff review, 12 October 2016

Robin, oh Robin. Sometimes I worry for my young review friend. This is a shoe-in for his own personal enjoyment and he dismisses it. Swats it away like a fly. But there's no chance I'm going to let this one go, perhaps because I lived through the '90s. 

Sweet Williams are a noisy lot from Brighton who contain people who used to be in Charlottefield who were also good.  What they have now given us is a juggernaut ride through the back pages of Slint and Shellac. Everything here is lop sided... both the opening 'Endless Love' and its pal 'The Deer Song' wobble with tension using backpedaling Beefheart-ian rhythms and tangled discordant guitars. All this is before they do the shouting.  Sweet Williams are indeed very shouty. 'Ex Circus' starts this off with a horrible repeating riff and blood curdling vocals which by the chance 'Ghost Waves' comes around degenerate into out and out screaming, this over the types of guitars that have rattled through cellars in LS6 over the past 20 years. I dedicate this review to all who skewered them. 

Sweet Williams have certainly got naughty. They have a devil-may-care attitude to guitar tunings which leads to many moments where those chewy guitars textures that Sonic Youthy invented are here to make your head spin. But they won't let us forget Slint either-  'Half Stripped' is something off 'Spiderland' - mumbled vocals interrupted by squawking and feedbacked guitars  all ready and willing to erupt. The title track takes us into Codeine territory with duelling guitars (relatively) sweet vocals and churning cyclical riffs. 'Come Swimming' is so Codeine it even turns into Low's scarier visceral music.

This record is nicely timed to fit in with a particular nostalgia I'm having at the moment for rackety math-rock bands but it mixes melody and weirdness and outright racket that will satisfy the cravings of anyone who liked loud off-beat guitar music.  


SWEET WILLIAMS – The Deer Song - YouTube



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