Dead Blue by Still Corners

Still Corners debut 'Creatures of an Hour' was a real favourite here at the towers. Follow up 'Strange Pleasures' went really slick so it will be interesting to see what they come up with this time. Now not on Sub Pop the band have regrouped and now unleash their latest batch of whispery synth blasted pop. 

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Dead Blue by Still Corners
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6/10 Clinton 14 September 2016

Still Corners come in that group of bands that Phil really liked because they sounded like Broadcast and will sell him loads of records but then changed tack and he will therefore lose interest. Good on 'em I say for pissing him off.

However, loathe as I am to admit it he has a point. While their debut was filled with the sort of entertaining vintage pop that goes down well at these towers, I really wouldn't like to be in the room when Phil hears this. Opener 'Lost Boys' is a worry. It's a perfectly good tune but sadly it's also one that has previously been written by Bronski Beat. It's similarity to 'Small Town Boy' is so obvious that I had to scan the credits to see if they'd been given a writing credit. While I was doing that I moved onto 'Currents' which uses the same drowsy vocal style but with less success. This is really shiny synth pop that has the slink 'n' polish that to appeal to fans of Ladytron or would be useful as filler for H & M in store radio. 

The album is full of moments like this - ridiculously polished synth pop with vocals that sound like they are half asleep and melodies you've heard in songs for yesteryear. It's not bad as far as synth pop goes certain moments like 'Downtown' have a melancholic rainy night charm which brings to mind the Blue Nile and as the album does improve during it's second half when they become bolder with their production choices.

The fact that they've gone from Sub Pop to their own label in five years suggests something is wrong somewhere and despite some ok tunes it's hard to see how this will rise above the squillions of bands doing the exactly same thing without the clout of a big label behind it.                              



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