Voices by Wormrot

The choice grindcore band for pet goats living in squats and a general frontrunner for the genre, Wormrot are totally back with a new record on Earache! It's called Voices and follows up 2010's Abuse and continues their fast dirge with twenty-three tracks of intense grind dash.

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Voices by Wormrot
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9/10 Robin 10 October 2016

Look: it’s Wormrot. They’re a classic fucking band in a genre where classic bands don’t often just start Not Being Good. They’re not suddenly gonna get bad, and I don’t really see the point in spewing my guts about how it’s been five years since ‘Dirge’ or talk to you about how good ‘Abuse’ is to make a point, so… abandon paragraph? The only narrative throughline I have for this review is that I’m really sad the band’s biggest fan, a very cute squatter goat, is still dead. RIP pal.

Maybe things have changed, though? I might be remembering it all wrong, but some of the riffs filling up ‘Voices’ are almost emotive in their black metal force, the super-fast oscillations of “Hollow Roots” and “Exit Fear” cutting through the blastbeats to sound almost sad. It’s certainly a more blackened grindcore than I’m used to hearing, which gives it a slightly epic feel amidst the usual fastcore descent. Tracks like “Oblivious Mess” open with momentary interludes of post-metal meditation before diving back into the record’s grind, though the drumbeat to this track feels decidedly black metal, before some skramz ‘n’ squeals come in to push things back.

All things considered this is an excellent Wormrot record that proves they haven’t blinked in their half-decade off from recording LPs, perfectly melding their extreme Fast with nicely plotted metal flourishes, sweet ‘lil chords and some good shitposting in the form of a track called “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Grind”. Between the call-and-response grind ‘n’ breakdowns there are some really quite serious and epic sounds here that make the record feel really fucking big, and well, I’m here for that.


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